Matt Rhule: Sam Darnold has resumed throwing, we’ll see where he is next week

New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers
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When the Panthers put Sam Darnold on injured reserve earlier this month, he was given a four-to-six week recovery timeline from his right shoulder injury.

That was also when the Panthers signed Cam Newton and it seemed like that move would keep Darnold out of sight and mind for the rest of the year even if he was healthy enough to play. Newton’s play against the Dolphins on Sunday cast some doubt on how well he can do the job, however, and Darnold’s name came up at head coach Matt Rhule’s press conference on Monday.

Darnold is closing in on the short end of that recovery window and Rhule said that he has resumed throwing on the side. The Panthers have a bye this week and Rhule said they’ll evaluate Darnold once they’re back from the time off.

“We’ll get him back next week, see where he’s at in his process and go from there,” Rhule said, via Joseph Person of

Rhule committed to starting Newton against the Falcons in Week 14 and Newton hopes to have a fuller grasp of the offense for that outing. If that doesn’t happen, Darnold could find his way back into consideration as the Panthers start to look toward the quarterback decisions they’ll have to make before the 2022 season.

11 responses to “Matt Rhule: Sam Darnold has resumed throwing, we’ll see where he is next week

  1. At least we won’t have to see that disgusting video of Cam yelling “I’m back” anymore. Cam, spoiler alert, it’s over.

  2. Remember when he bought the Pamthers, people were touting David Tepper as the great new owner and future of the league. He wildly overpaid for a college coach who no other team was trying to sign, and now paid Cam $10 million to start two games when no one else was trying to sign him.

  3. Cam’s baaaaack everyone!!! Only took two weeks to prove again that he is washed. Not even Washington, where veteran QBs go to die, wanted Cam.

  4. I bought in on the Fools Gold. I was so disgusted when the Panther game updates were shown on “Redzone” that I had to change the channel. I can’t even watch Cam’s post game interview. I’m done with his charismatic b.s. I don’t need his snake oil or fools gold. It’s like buying a Range Rover and all it does is need to be fixed (reprogramed) over and over; feel like you got scammed buying the nice looking vehicle and it’s overpriced.

  5. Darnold plays better than Cam at least he can use the recievers dropping passes excuse. Cam completed 5 passes last game with 2 ints…all game long

  6. What could anyone have seen on Cam’s most recent tape that would make them say he’s worth up to $10 mil?

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