Monday Night Football: J.D. McKissic scores two TDs in 17-15 win over Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team
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J.D. McKissic had a pair of 10-yard touchdowns — one rushing and one receiving — to help carry the Washington Football Team to a 17-15 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night.

McKissic helped Washington stay in the thick of the playoff chase while potentially dealing a final definitive blow to the playoff aspirations of his former team in Seattle. The Seahawks have now lost six of their last seven games and are playing some of their worst offensive football in over a decade.

McKissic was injured late in the game when his head impacted the thigh of Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs. He was carted off the field with 3:33 left to play.

Taylor Heinicke completed 27-of-35 passes for 223 yards with a touchdown and an interception for Washington.

Meanwhile, a Seahawks team that has been the worst in the NFL by significant margins all season in time of possession and offensive plays run again were dominated in those categories by Washington.

The Seahawks lost the time of possession battle 41:40-18:20. It’s their third straight game getting doubled up in time of possession. They ran just 45 offensive plays, their lowest of the season and surpassing last week’s 49 plays against Arizona. They were just 4-of-12 on third down and gained just 10 first downs to Washington’s 27.

Russell Wilson has been bad for the Seahawks since returning from finger surgery. The team has just three offensive touchdowns in the last three games as Seattle has lost 17-0 to the Green Bay Packers, 23-13 to the Arizona Cardinals and now the loss to Washington.

Wilson completed 20-of-31 passes with 247 yards and two touchdown. The Seahawks had five straight three-and-out possessions and went from the 4:30 mark of the second quarter until the 12:20 mark of the fourth quarter without gaining a single first down.

Washington marched on a 15-play drive in the first quarter that lasted more than nine minutes before they had to settle for a 23-yard Joey Slye field goal and a 3-0 lead.

A 55-yard pass from Wilson to Lockett put Seattle is scoring position and Wilson hit Gerald Everett for a 6-yard touchdown to give Seattle their first lead since Oct. 31.

Jamal Adams picked off Heinicke on a deflected pass intended for Logan Thomas as Seattle seemingly started to grab some momentum. But Alex Collins fumbled on the second play of the ensuing drive with Cole Holcomb recovering to give the ball back to Washington.

McKissic scored his first touchdown of the night on a 10-yard catch-and-run from Heinicke to give Washington a 9-7 lead. But the lead proved extremely brief as Rasheem Green blocked the extra point attempt by Slye and returned it for a defensive two-point conversion to tie the game at 9-9 before halftime. Slye was also injured on the play trying to chase down Green.

McKissic scored on a 10-yard run on Washington’s first drive of the third quarter to put them back in front. With Slye injured, Washington went for two with Antonio Gibson scoring to make it a 17-9 advantage.

Gibson rushed for 111 yards on 29 carries for Washington.

But Seattle’s defense did enough to somehow keep them in the game until the latter stages of the fourth quarter. However, Heinicke and Washington then marched 84 yards on 16 plays to Seattle’s doorstep looking for the final blow. But because Slye was unavailable, they twice went for it on fourth downs, including from Seattle’s 3-yard line. A pass from Heinicke to Thomas was initially ruled a touchdown before being overturned on review to give the Seahawks one last chance.

And because it’s the Seahawks and Wilson, they finally engineered something wild.

Seattle picked up chunks of yardage to move into Washington territory until they were at the WFT 32-yard line with 22 seconds left. Freddie Swain was left wide open up the middle of the field as Wilson connected with him for a touchdown to make it a 17-15 game with just 15 seconds remaining.

A two-point conversion from Wilson to Swain was not successful. Then Seattle appeared to recover an onside kick try only to be called for illegal formation and have the recovery negated. A second attempt was unsuccessful as Washington held on for the victory.

29 responses to “Monday Night Football: J.D. McKissic scores two TDs in 17-15 win over Seahawks

  1. The better team won despite the refs pathetic attempt to swing it in Seattle’s favor by utterly robbing Washington of a touchdown at the end. That was clearly a catch. Another disgusting and deliberate attempt to change the outcome of a game by the officials in this league. But I’m guessing Pete agreed with the call. He always likes terrible officiating when it benefits him (fail Mary).

  2. Russell Wilson CAN’T find an open receiver or will overthrow the ball. The game has passed by Pete Carroll. I don’t think either one SHOULD be on the Seahawks next year.

  3. This game was a perfect example of how horrible the NFL and officiating has become. The refs had their hands all over this game on both teams and it has been that way most of the season. Absolutely horrible product to watch.

  4. First, that onside kick rule is garbage. More importantly though…it is so fun to watch Carroll and Wilson lose. The Seahawks have the 2nd worst record in the NFC. They are officially way down in the cellar where they belong. What you see now is the “12’s” jumping ship like bandwagon fans do. When Seattle loses, the NFL and the fans win. Thank you, Seattle. 😅

  5. Russell Wilson CAN’T find an open receiver or will overthrow the ball. The game has passed by Pete Carroll. I don’t think either one SHOULD be on the Seahawks next year.

    He has fixed his defense. Nobody can see it with how unbelievably terrible the offense is.

    The Adams deal is a killer. They should have a top 10 pick to ease their suffering…

    It sure looks like its over, thats for sure.

  6. I miss all the Seahawks fans coming here every week telling everyone to be afraid of them. All of them gone now it seems.

  7. How was that not a catch by Logan Thomas? What a joke the officiating is in this league.

  8. What you see now is the “12’s” jumping ship like bandwagon fans do.

    152 consecutive sellouts…. (19 seasons-worth)

  9. The Logan Thomas td seemed negated to keep everyone watching. Advertisers pay a lot of money for those commercials and they don’t want you going to bed on the east coast in the big markets

  10. What is a catch? Because surely, if you catch a football in the NFL and the refs are around to see it, it is no longer a catch.

  11. “Future Steeler QB, Tyler Heineke, guts out another winning performance.” You do realize skins signed him to a two year extension, right? Besides, you have Haskins…..

  12. There is an obvious disconnect between Wilson and Carroll. Pete can’t explain or cover for what Russell does on the field for most of the game. They don’t look like they are on the same page, anymore.

  13. Hey Seattle, you need to rebuild.

    Tank for a top pick, trade Russ for a bunch of ones and couple of twos.

    Trade one or two of those ones for more twos’ threes etc and go into 2022, 2023 with a fist full of picks, hire a couple more scouts and revamp this team.

  14. Let Russ (get) cook(ed).

    He’s not even worth a second rounder right now. The days of running around and flinging the ball up for grabs don’t look so good anymore.

  15. I was sure Antonio Gibson blew out his knee early in the game, it was twisted 90 degrees to the side on an awkward tackle near the goal line. Strong and flexible ligaments that one.

  16. “Tank for a top pick, trade Russ for a bunch of ones and couple of twos.”

    yeah Seattle doesn’t have a first rounder next season so all tanking would do is get them a high 2nd round pick.

    Would be better to trade Wilson and hope someone bites on him with a first rounder so they can draft their next QB and reset their cap with rookie QB charges instead of Wilson’s contract

  17. Russell Wilson played with so much confidence a few years ago. Maybe he’s just having a bad year and it will come back. He’s still young enough and I won’t write him off yet. Having a petulant brat like D.K. Metcalf doesn’t help. The best receivers don’t stomp their feet and scream for the ball and attention. It’s the worst thing to have on an offense.

  18. This past Thanksgiving weekend, I continue to be thankful that Jamal Adams has such a selfish attitude that he ran himself out of New York. Thanks and keep giving.

  19. Wilson’s making it really hard for the Seahawks to get anything in a trade for him. They can’t bench him for Geno, because that drives his stock way down. But they can’t let him play either because that’s driving his stock way down, too. They’d be lucky to get a 3rd for him at this point. I’ve never seen a quarterback be so good for so many years and then all of a sudden completely fall apart and consistently be this bad. Not mobile anymore, can’t read a defense, panics in the pocket, mental mistakes galore, and can’t throw accurate balls anymore. The dude’s broken.

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