NFL suspends Cowboys’ Trysten Hill two games for hitting Raiders’ John Simpson after game

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Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill has been suspended two games for hitting Raiders guard John Simpson on the field after their Thanksgiving game.

NFL Vice President of Football Operations Jon Runyan issued the suspension, and the NFL released the statement Runyan sent to Hill.

“After the Las Vegas Raiders-Dallas Cowboys game on November 25, you engaged in conduct that this office considers unnecessary roughness and displays a lack of sportsmanship,” Runyan told Hill. “Specifically, as both teams were shaking hands, you waited more than 50 seconds for your opponent at the 50-yard line. When you located him, you then walked toward him in the opposite direction of your locker room. You both engaged in a verbal chest-to-chest confrontation which you escalated by throwing an open hand punch to his facemask, forcible enough to cause your opponent’s helmet to come off.”

Hill has the right to appeal. If he loses the appeal, Hill will miss the Cowboys’ next two games, against New Orleans and Washington.

20 responses to “NFL suspends Cowboys’ Trysten Hill two games for hitting Raiders’ John Simpson after game

  1. Should have added another game for the brilliant idea to use his hand to hit somebody wearing a helmet.

  2. What a sore loser. This was the first time in his 3 year career he made more than one tackle so now he’s bad. Cowboys reached when they drafted him in the 2019 2nd round knowing he had a bad attitude and work ethic.

  3. Every time we try and have nice things, someone runs through the room blindfolded and ruins it.

  4. He deserves this suspension and will serve his time. When he comes back and commits to doing better than that, I can forgive and forget.

  5. And people like that want to be treat “like a man” and not “disrespected”.

    Sounds like nobody ever told him “a man” doesn’t throw punches over a sporting event and respect is EARNED.

  6. Good. I boycotted football for the weekend because they hadn’t acted upon this incident.
    The NFL is really starting to lose me.
    They give a pass on more grievous offenses.
    (cough-cough… looking at you Rogers, Brown, questionable refereeing, etc.)
    Then they go penalizing or over-penalizing when and where they should not.
    (Eg: fair celebrations, “taunting”, tackling …oops… I mean “roughing” the passer within a second or sub-second of release, “helmet-to-helmet” when the offensive player lowers themselves into the tackler or otherwise primarily initiates the helmet contact themselves, etc.)
    While I have appreciated the many sweet games this year, they have been too often equally soured by the many recent game aspects which I could not and cannot stomach tacitly supporting by my viewership.
    I’ll turn to college games or another sport if the NFL puts cold, careless corporatism over sportsmanship and real respect for the game and the players.

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