Rob Gronkowski: Leonard Fournette fired us up at halftime

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
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Running back Leonard Fournette played a big role in Sunday’s Buccaneers win and his impact went beyond the four touchdowns he scored over the course of the afternoon.

The Colts had a 24-14 lead at halftime and the Bucs needed to rally to avoid their fourth road loss of the 2021 season. According to Bucs players, Fournette helped spark that rally with a speech at halftime.

Fournette said the “energy was down” around the team and he sent a message that “you have to want to fight, each and every play” in order to win. Safety Antoine Winfield Jr. said Fournette reminded the team that they “control our own destiny” and quarterback Tom Brady said Fournette’s words were “huge” for the team. Tight end Rob Gronkowski noted that Fournette’s play backed up everything that he said.

“It was excellent. It got everyone fired up,” Gronkowski said, via Jenna Laine of “He went out there and he backed it up too, and it just shows just how much we respect Lenny. I felt like we were flat in the first half. The energy wasn’t there. The second half, we just went out there and played as a team — offensively, defensively — the defense was creating turnovers, we were scoring, Lenny was just running the ball amazing, and we just stuck together too. And to have a win on the road like that — that was a playoff-caliber win.”

The win moved the Bucs a step closer to playing actual playoff games and Fournette was the driving force for the team on and off the field on Sunday.

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  1. Confession #1: I’m a LSU grad, and therefore a homer. #2: I thought Fournette was highly overrated, a boom or bust RB, not someone I would think would be a success as a pro. #3: I liked Derrius Guice a LOT more than Fournette, wanted him to start over Fournette at LSU, was happy when Fournette left and Guice became the starter, and expected Guice to be a stud in the pros. #4: Guice is apparently a turd and will never play again in the NFL. Fournette is becoming a solid pro. #5: I apparently need recalibration.

  2. How awesome is it they call him Lenny? Hahahahah so cool. I they need a ‘Carl’ on their team

  3. The Super Bowl hangover is real.
    There is a reason that the Super Bowls 40-54 were won by teams who didn’t win it again the next season. Last year in SB50, the Chiefs were convinced they had the game won before it started, came out with low energy, and lost by 22 points.

    Hopefully for the Bucs, this kind of hard win against the Colts and the previous two losses could pay off for them in the post season if their heads start to get too big.

  4. Great to see a player go from being cut to being an essential part of last year’s SB win and now this.

    Good for Fournette and for Arians whose ultimatum last year spurred Fournette into becoming Playoff-Lenny and to his teammates who helped him get there.

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