Russell Wilson plays tonight, on his 33rd birthday

NFL NFC Playoff Washington Redskins vs Seattle Seahawks
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Tonight, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson returns to the scene of his first postseason win. He’ll be playing in Washington on his 33rd birthday.

Yes, Russell Wilson is now 33. And he has only two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win to show for his 10-year career.

The last time he played on his birthday, he threw five touchdown passes in a 39-30 home win over the Steelers in 2015. He’ll need to perform at a high level tonight in order to keep Seattle’s playoff hopes alive.

Indeed, there’s a gigantic difference between 4-7 and 3-8. Although it’s still not clear whether seven, eight, or nine losses will be one loss too many to get to the playoffs, it’s critical for the Seahawks to get a win for the first time in 29 days, since beating the Jaguars after a Monday night loss to the Saints.

Seattle desperately needs a win tonight. Wilson desperately needs a win tonight. Regardless of what happens in 2022 — and it won’t be a surprise if he wants out, again — his latest chance to add to his legacy continues tonight. A win keeps hope alive. A loss quite likely kills it.

Personally, I think that’s enough for Wilson to be the difference. It’s enough for the Seahawks to get their first win of the month, just in time for the month to end.

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