Steelers put T.J. Watt on COVID-19 reserve

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Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt is on the Reserve/COVID-19 List.

The Steelers announced the news on Monday, a day after Watt was on the field against the Bengals. There has been no announcement about whether Watt is vaccinated or unvaccinated, or whether he tested positive for COVID-19 or was put on the list because he had close contact with someone who tested positive.

Watt has struggled with injuries this season but has played very well when healthy, recording 12.5 sacks in nine games.

If Watt is vaccinated, he could potentially play on Sunday against the Ravens, as long as he tests positive on two consecutive days before the game. But most players placed on COVID-19 reserve have had to miss more time than that, and so it’s likely that Watt will miss Sunday’s game.

18 responses to “Steelers put T.J. Watt on COVID-19 reserve

  1. Should even things up considering the Ravens currently have over 15 players on IR (most of which are starting offensive lineman.)

  2. That’s right, test positive two days in a row and then play Baltimore.

    Hell…not even that could help Pittsburgh these days…

  3. I dont think we have to worry about Burrow or Mixon being a close contact since he didnt even come close to them yesterday!

  4. Since Week 1, how many players/coaches/staff have Tested Positive, and of those, how many have developed symptomatic Covid illness? I’d be curious to hear the stats on that. Hopefully none have actually become sick this season I recall a few last year

  5. Ravens could not have had an easier division and schedule thus far. All it will do is get their hopes up before they come crashing down in the playoffs. Can’t win without a real QB.

  6. TJ is not very durable is he? He’s either injured or catching something. Hope he wears protection.

  7. Shocking…has a crap game and goes on a list. At least it’s not IR again. He’s switching it up.

  8. With TJ or without TJ, the Steelers just aren’t good. They need a new QB….a new OC…a new o-line…Claypool needs to grow up…Devin Bush needs to show up…and the secondary needs rebuilt. In the meantime they’re wasting Najee Harris by not having a good line in front of him. This is like watching the ’80s Steelers; maybe worse.

  9. Vasteelerfan says:
    November 29, 2021 at 3:59 pm
    Get well TJ. The Steelers ship is taking on water!…


    I hate to tell you but that ship has sunk for 2021

  10. The unvaccinated guys just kill their teams. Watts probably has 3 sacks last night if he felt better.

  11. Wouldn’t the entire Bengals O-line be considered in “close contact” with The Watt?

    Will they be covid casualties too?

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