Week 13 AFC playoff picture: Ravens move to No. 1 after Sunday night win

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens survived four Lamar Jackson interceptions in a 16-10 win over the Browns on Sunday night and the win has moved them up to the top spot in the AFC playoff picture heading into Week 13.

Baltimore got the boost thanks to their win and the Patriots’ victory over the Titans, who have lost two in a row to drop out of the top seed. They still hold a comfortable lead in the division thanks to the Colts’ loss to the Buccaneers and they’ll hope that the bye week is restorative for a team that’s beat up on multiple fronts right now.

Outside of the top spot, the biggest changes occurred just outside of the playoff picture. Wins by the Broncos and Raiders lifted them up the ranks and leave them with a shot of moving into playoff position if things break right for them this week.

Here’s a look at how all the teams in the AFC stack up:

1. Ravens (8-3) With the Steelers and Browns on tap the next two weeks, the Ravens can both help themselves and deliver fatal blows to the hopes of their division rivals with victories.

2. Patriots (8-4) Their hot streak continued at home against the Titans, which sets up a marquee AFC East matchup for next Monday night in Buffalo.

3. Titans (8-4) The bye week and a Week 14 game against the Jaguars gives hope that the Titans can get back on the right track in time for the final playoff push.

4. Chiefs (7-4) They stayed put during their bye week and will try to start making a run at the top seed against the Broncos on Sunday night.

5. Bengals (7-4) Sunday’s rout of the Steelers keeps the pressure on the Ravens in the race for the AFC North title.

6. Bills (7-4) Beating the Saints has them breathing a little easier, but no one in Buffalo will feel comfortable if they can’t beat the Patriots next Monday.

7. Chargers (6-5) A flop in Denver in Sunday leaves them with a loose grip on a Wild Card spot as they prepare for a road game in Cincinnati this week.

8. Broncos (6-5) They’ll need a repeat of Sunday’s defensive performance if they’re going to leave Kansas City with a win on Sunday night.

9. Raiders (6-5) After beating the Cowboys amid a flurry of penalty flags on Thanksgiving, the Raiders will try to keep moving in the right direction against Washington at home.

10. Colts (6-6) Blowing a 10-point halftime lead to the Buccaneers led to a loss on Sunday, but the Colts can get right against the Texans before resting in Week 14.

11. Browns (6-6) The good news is that the Browns and their battered quarterback Baker Mayfield can rest this week, but the bad news is that a 3-5 mark in their last eight games has them steadily moving in the wrong direction on the playoff front.

12. Steelers (5-5-1) Is it likelier that the Steelers make the playoffs or wind up with their first losing record in head coach Mike Tomlin’s tenure?

13. Dolphins (5-7) They’ve won four straight games and have the Giants and Jets sandwiched around a Week 14 bye, so they’re not counting themselves out of the race at this point.

14. Jets (3-8) Sunday’s win over the Texans does more for the draft order than the playoff picture, but the Jets still have time to move back toward the top pick.

15. Texans (2-9) Their Week 11 win over the Titans feels like even more of a head-scratcher after Sunday’s loss to the Jets.

16. Jaguars (2-9) The Lions will make it difficult for any other team to grab the No. 1 overall pick, but the Jaguars have done their best at making a run at it for the second year in a row.

31 responses to “Week 13 AFC playoff picture: Ravens move to No. 1 after Sunday night win

  1. What a strange year. I could see at least 5 of those teams making a SB run.

    With no clear favorite, things do seem to be falling New England’s way. Everything else being equal, the coaching advantage is significant. No one has even close to as much playoff experience.

    Sets up for a fun December.

  2. “Ravens move to #1 because the Browns are abysmal at football”. Not even Houston loses that game after Lamar gave the ball away 4 times, lol.

  3. If your QB is turning it over 4 times, you will have a serious problem in the playoffs.
    One and done will not help Lamar Jackson get a fat contract.

  4. The Chiefs and Pats are the contenders here. Ravens won’t win because at some point you will need some consistency out of your QB. Titans are too banged up and can’t trust their QB in the clutch either.

  5. I believe Vegas wins tie breaker over Denver and should be 8 in the AFC. Three way tie with Chargers goes to Chargers. All teams are 1-1 in step one of three way tie (head-to-head). Step two is division record (Chargers are 2-1, Broncos 1-1, Raiders 1-2). Revert to two club tie breaker for of remaining clubs. Step one is head to head – Raiders are 1-0 versus Broncos. I recognize that the NFL website lists Broncos first too, but I think this is wrong as well.

  6. Lamar is essentially Cordarrelle Patterson with a little more ability to throw. He should be used as a weapon at RB and WR and throw it every now and then. Leave the every down QBing for an actual QB.

  7. Worst #1 seed in a long time. They barely deserve to be a wild card with the way they’re playing.

  8. The only AFC teams that matter right now are the Bills and Patriots. The conference is that bad.The Chiefs have no defense and Mahomes is playing horrible. Plus, the Bills lost to the Jaguars and Colts of all teams. The Patriots are the only team that looks decent in the entire conference.

  9. If and when the time comes the Patriots will beat the Ravens like a drum. And John Harbaugh will whine and cry about everything other than his QB’s inability to read an NFL defense

  10. Lamar Ball is when things don’t go right and according to the game plan, Lamar wears his cape and tries to save the world. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The Ravens were fortunate to survive yesterday’s game’s mishaps and turn-overs. The defense played great and took away the Browns running game. They knew that hobbling Baker was a one read QB that could not carry the team on his back. I am glad the Browns abandoned the run so quickly. I think Stefansky got outcoached. The running scheme which is a stretch zone and wide zone was negated by the run blitz. Queen’s role was critical in getting penetration in the backfield and hitting the backs before any holes open up.
    I was a little surprised they did not use Hunt and Chubb on the flat and bubble screens. This would have been the counter to what Baltimore was doing. But, I think the coaching was not up to snuff last night. You are what your record says you are!

  11. “Respectfully, the Ravens are not a #1 team for many reasons.”

    Argue whatever you want but as of this week their record puts them at #1 since this is not subjective like power rankings are

    Whether they continue to hold that spot or its just for one week is a different matter entirely

  12. Which QB has the following average stat lines for his past 5 games? 218 passing yards per game, 7 TDs and 9 interceptions, and QBR of 40? I mean, if you were to look at these simple facts, wouldn’t the obvious conclusion be it’s either a rookie or one of the worst QBs in the league, if not the worst? Yet Ravens fans keep telling us Lamar is an MVP and he “just keeps winning.” Let’s see how much winning he will do in the playoffs. No good defense worries about the Ravens and Lamar.

  13. Patriots vs Green Bay in SB
    Green Bay will win it.

    Don’t sleep on Miami making the playoffs and hurting some feelings
    Titans (injuries)

    They could end up 10 and 7

    But the Pats are playing better then anyone and BB coaching will be the difference maker once again. But GB and Rogers will be too much for the Pats.

  14. Jackson turned the ball over 4 times in a game. He now has more turnovers than Mahomes who has only had 4 turnovers in his last 4 games. The Ravens are PFTs top pick and the talking heads are still asking if Mahomes is broken.

    Make it make sense please.

  15. @buckybadger I have the same assessment of the AFC you do.

    You left out the Bills, who aren’t really built for playoff football.

  16. Yet, the Ravens are 8-3. Hate on haters! LOL. Seriously though, for a team with ~20 players on IR, it is a true testament to the overall quality of the organization.

  17. Imagine if the Super Bowl is Patriots vs Bucs… My goodness, what a ratings monster that would be. And yeah go thumbs down this comment because that matchup makes you sick. Go ahead! But you and I both know you would watch that game. The media hype would be astronomical. But you wouldn’t be able to resist watching the ultimate Brady Bowl. I know it. You know it.

  18. Jackson had a bad night. Who hasn’t?

    The Ravens are a dangerous team, and Jackson is the kind of player no one wants to face in the playoffs. They’re as good as anyone.

  19. Fact of the matter is EDC fleeced the Chiefs for OBJ Jr. (who they still have not signed to an extension) for the current front runner for DROY in Odafe Oweh. Thank you so much for that one! He is single handedly the reason the Ravens won the game last night. While he will be under contract for 4 more years, OBJ is only under contract this season and looking like an average at best LT.


  20. As a Ravens fan I’m not sure how we have gotten as far as we have. We keep waiting for the wheels to fall off. Folks like to say you can’t blame injuries, but like the 49ers last year it has been brutal with 8 starters missing the entire season any many backups out as well (20 on IR). This doesn’t even include the weekly inactives. That said, we are not a great team, but there are many mediocre teams out there this year. People like to hate on Lamar but without him we are a sub .500 team.

  21. I’ve had enough with Lamar. 30 year Ravens fan, and when they started this gimmick offense a few years back, I have to say I was skeptical but like everyone else watched it succeed. Lamar is flawed big-time but as everyone points out, wins are wins. The ride has been exciting as he makes runs I’ve never seen a QB do before. And it’s been fun watching him play, although pretty frustrating too, especially in the playoffs. But 4 years into this, I’m done with Lamar. Yes, last night he was worse than normal but let’s be honest: his throwing mechanics stink, and he either doesn’t care, or can’t figure out how to read defenses and know where to throw the ball. I just want a QB who can play consistently and stop turning it over. We have no chance with Lamar in the playoffs. I know this isn’t a popular view but it’s the darn truth.

  22. “The Ravens are PFTs top pick and the talking heads are still asking if Mahomes is broken.

    Make it make sense please.”

    The Ravens are not “PFTs top pick”. They are #1 because this is a listing of current seeding in the playoffs, and the Ravens currently hold the #1 seed.

    Which could all change next weekend, or the one after, or the one after etc, but for the snapshot right now Ravens hold that seed

  23. Lamar Jackson is the NFL version of Ben Simmons. In the same way that Simmons inability shoot kills the 76ers in the gameplan heavy playoffs, Lamar’s freakish running ability gets taken away in the big boy rounds and you’re left with a guy who’s throwing motion is as permanently flawed as Simmons shooting action.

  24. Wow! So many Lamar haters. Is it his winning record that pisses you off because you don’t undertand how he does it? Aggravating.

  25. Let’s go get a gawd dammed Mac! says:
    @buckybadger I have the same assessment of the AFC you do.
    You left out the Bills, who aren’t really built for playoff football.
    The Bills are a dome team, that plays it’s home games in Buffalo, lol. Bills can’t stop the run nor run the ball themselves which is a must in December/January. Gun slinging may work in LA, FLA or a dome but I don’t think it can work year after year w/ 8 or 9 games a year played in Buffalo. As former Bills coach Marv Levy said,”When it’s too hard for them, it’s just right for us”. He was talking about playing in lousy weather b/c it’s Buffalo!

  26. Can’t wait to hear how Ravens fans tell us Lamar is still the MVP after how he’s played in his last 5 games. Nothing quite like throwing for 210 yards, 1 TD and 2 picks per game on average in that stretch with a QBR around 40 says MVP!

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