With LSU wanting Brian Kelly, does Urban Meyer look to Notre Dame?

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As the annual game of college-coaching musical chairs continues, reports have emerged that LSU wants to hire long-time Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. If that happens, then obviously there would be a vacancy in South Bend.

Would that be the moment Urban Meyer makes his move?

Meyer has been linked to the Fighting Irish for years. His wife once said that Notre Dame was one of his “dream jobs.” Kelly arrived in 2010, holding the position for over a decade. If he leaves, would the Irish turn to Meyer?

First, they’d have to want Meyer. The off-field indiscretions from earlier this year could become a factor. Second, Meyer would have to want the job. Third, the Jaguars would have to be willing to let Meyer go. Unless he negotiated a provision that allows him to leave for the college game whenever he wants (it’s believed that Nick Saban had such a clause in his contract with the Dolphins), Meyer would need the Jaguars to release him from his contract.

And maybe they would. It would allow owner Shad Khan to escape the balance of Meyer’s contract, without a buyout.

Meyer, despite his struggles this year in the NFL, continues to be one of the most successful college coaches of all time. If Notre Dame comes calling, could that be enough to get him back to the college level? Time, as always, will tell.

9 responses to “With LSU wanting Brian Kelly, does Urban Meyer look to Notre Dame?

  1. Not sure why LSU would want Brian Kelly. Urb to Notre Dame would make sense. He’s a college coach not an NFL coach. USC made a bad hire in Lincoln Riley.

  2. If it’s Meyer at ND it better be soon as first signing date for recruits is coming up shortly well before the end of the NFL season and a new coach should be in place. Urban could go to a place he dreamed about, get paid the same if not more of his current salary, and wipe the dirt of a bad Jaguars team off having proved he could not make it work even if it’s only one year. Back to the comfort zone of a premier college team.

  3. Would it be good for Meyers to go to a very active college scene in South Bend considering what happen in that bar in Jacksonville???

  4. ND will NOT be interested in Meyer because of all his off field issues.

    They just have more class than that to say nothing of a non-football reputation to maintain.

  5. Why would Kelly want to leave ND for LSU? He keeps the Irish in the mix every year and has built a respectable program at a well-respected school. No knock on LSU, but I don’t see the attraction. If he goes to LSU he’ll be on the hot seat from day one.

    And I just don’t see ND being interested in Meyer. Too much baggage. But then I also don’t see why Meyer would give up on the NFL so quickly. Wouldn’t he want to see the team through another draft and through Lawrence’s second year? Plus he’d be able to bring Tebow back next year and sell a million more jerseys – that’s a win/win.

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