79 NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 in November

COVID-19 Testing Increases As More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Victoria
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Five more NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. That brings the total for November to 79 positive cases among NFL players, Howard Balzer of allcardinals.com reports.

There were 26 positive COVID-19 tests among NFL players in September and 24 in October.

Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical director, recently said, via Kevin Seifert of ESPN, that unvaccinated players have “consistently tested positive at a much higher rate than vaccinated players throughout the entire season.”

Yet, despite a high vaccination rate in the NFL, the number of positive cases is higher this year than it was this time last year when there was no vaccine.

In 2020, beginning in training camp through Nov. 28, 155 players tested positive for the virus. This year to date, including training camp, 225 players have tested positive, per Balzer.

For the entire 2020 season through the Super Bowl, there were 262 positive tests. So, it seems highly likely the NFL sees more positive cases this year than last.

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and the virus still could play a part in who wins and who loses in the postseason.

11 responses to “79 NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 in November

  1. I still wonder how many fake vaccine cards are out there that teams have turned a blind eye to this season.

  2. The reason their is higher rate is vaccine was based on the first variant that came from China and now we’re on to the fifth variant and even Dr. science himself said today he’s not even sure if the vaccine will be affective on this new variant.

  3. Everybody is vaccinated though, right?

    I bet almost half of the players aren’t and just used fake vax cards.

  4. The countries with the highest vaccination rates are also the ones having the largest outbreaks. There is virtually no correlation right now regarding highly vaccinated countries and lower cases of COVID.

    The vaccine may be effective in reducing hospitalizations, but it’s clearly not slowing down the spread. There are hundreds of examples of vaccinated players getting COVID, but only a couple that have gotten COVID twice. Natural immunity is extremely protective and mandates are ridiculous overreach not backed by data or science.

  5. Florida has the lowest rate of covid in the nation. Maybe we should take a look at how they are doing things

  6. A very small number of NFL players so far have tested positive. There are 1696 roster players not including practice squad numbers in the NFL. What isn’t mentioned, how many of those players had the covid shots and still “caught” the virus? Only thing for sure the article mentioned was this covid virus isn’t going away. It’s here to stay … period.

  7. Just Look at how Florida handled it, pandemic ended there a year ago. Clearly Florida had it right and now the data proves it.

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