Amari Cooper “not feeling the best,” may not practice Tuesday

NFL: NOV 14 Falcons at Cowboys
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Wide receiver Amari Cooper has returned to the Cowboys facility, but he’s not a sure thing to return to the lineup against the Saints on Thursday.

Cooper missed the last two games after testing positive for COVID-19 and Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said that the wideout is “still not feeling the best” as he deals with a cough. McCarthy, who is isolating away from the team after his own positive test, said that it is “to be determined” if Cooper practices on Tuesday.

If he doesn’t, McCarthy thinks he’ll need to go on Wednesday in order to play against New Orleans.

“My gut would be if he doesn’t practice tomorrow, I don’t see him going to the game,” McCarthy said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

CeeDee Lamb is on track to return to action after clearing the concussion protocol, but he may be the only receiver rejoining the Cowboys this week when all is said and done.

12 responses to “Amari Cooper “not feeling the best,” may not practice Tuesday

  1. Since game 1 of his NFL career vs the Bengals this guy has shown he’s soft. Just ask Pac-Man Jones.

  2. Cooper’s failure to get vaccinated is hurting his team considerably and, at bottom, is disrespectful to his teammates, the organization and the Cowboys’ millions of fans. What a knucklehead.

  3. Pro football or any career, in my opinion, is not worth doing something one is strongly opposed to whatever the reason one is strongly opposed.

  4. Amari better not cross paths with Michael Irvin. If Michael was hot about Amari after missing two games, his head will explode if it’s three!

  5. Fully vaccinated and still got covid. Granted I’m 65 but after two weeks I’m still not right. It’s not about toughness. It stays in your lungs.

  6. Boys better not be trying to rush him back while he’s still sick. As covid is all over Jerry World it’s clearly not a healthy place right now.

  7. Just watched the Michigan Ohio state game hundred thousand people mask etc .. no breakouts either huh 🤔 oh that’s right keep it under the hat

  8. tiredofcowards says:
    Pro football or any career, in my opinion, is not worth doing something one is strongly opposed to whatever the reason one is strongly opposed.

    Fair enough. That said, nobody has a God-given, Constitutional or other inalienable right to play pro football. Employers have rights too, not to mention a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all their other employees.
    Not one NFL player has been “forced” to take the vaccine. But they do have to comply with their employer’s workplace rules, and if they refuse there are consequences.
    Sometimes, standing up for what you believe means making sacrifices. Unfortunately, too many people today seem to think freedom means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, with no regard for anyone else’s rights. They’re wrong.
    If anyone strongly believes in not taking the vaccine then good for them. Hold true to your principles. Just don’t whine and play the wounded martyr when you suffer the inevitable consequences.

  9. Amari is probably misguided, who is listening to a Hotep guru recommending elderberry and sea moss jell. I hope for his sake he has no long term health issues or short term. Playing in the NFL is a short window and you can not give away games or weeks, especially with self inflicted issues. Good luck to him.

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