Dan Campbell wants the Lions playing spoiler now

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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Plenty of teams remain in the hunt for playoff spots in the NFC, but the Lions are not one of them.

At 0-10-1, the Lions are trying to avoid the second winless season in franchise history and they’ll be making that bid against some of the teams who still have postseason aspirations. That includes the Vikings, who are on tap in Week 13, and head coach Dan Campbell would like to see his team douse their hopes this weekend.

“We’ve got six to go and we’re playing spoiler now,” Campbell said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “We’re trying to ruin people’s day is what we’re trying to do. And so, how do we improve on the things that we’ve done a good job of and make it a little bit better? And then certainly the things that continue to show up, how do we help? But I think now it’s all about how do we make these last six opponents kind of have to deal with what we’ve dealt with for the season? That’s the message.”

The Broncos, Cardinals, Falcons, Seahawks, and Packers are on the schedule after the Vikings. Atlanta may not remain in the hunt by the time Week 15 rolls around, but that may be a plus to the Lions’ hopes of winning a game even if they can’t ruin anyone’s playoff dreams in the process.

17 responses to “Dan Campbell wants the Lions playing spoiler now

  1. Dan Campbell wants the Lions playing spoiler now.
    Write it in crayon on your wish-list, Dan. Santa loves pitiful charity cases.
    Detroit should hire 5 GMs and 5 head coaches today, then fire them all tomorrow. Perhaps that would flush all the stupidity and failure from their system allowing them to find someone, ANYONE, that might bring that team a win or two next year.

  2. Maybe try not running so many draw plays on 3rd and long too. I know it worked the one time. Doesn’t mean you keep trying it.

  3. Campbell’s only hope is that the Packers have the first round bye locked-up on game day, they sit sit their entire team and suit-up the player’s children.

    Danny will hope against hope it doesn’t end in a tie.

  4. 1st. I like Dan but for some reason the players and assistant coaches are NOT responding to his leadership. I think Ms Ford may need to bring in a true head guy like Doug Peterson.

  5. dcspeedway says:
    November 30, 2021 at 10:08 am

    Vikings need no spoiler. They spoil themselves.
    Vikings need no spoiler. They SOIL themselves. There…..Fixed it for ya.

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