Matthew Stafford isn’t injured, unless he is


Among the various current mysteries surrounding the Greatest Show-offs on Turf is whether quarterback Matthew Stafford is or isn’t currently injured.

According to the injury report, he isn’t. According to ESPN, he is. According to Stafford, he’s “feeling fine” but neither he nor anyone else is currently 100 percent.

So what does his coach have to say about it? On Monday, a reporter asked Sean McVay to describe what he’s seeing as it relates to Stafford’s ability to play through “whatever ailments, injuries, what have you, there are.”

“I’m seeing a really tough competitor,” McVay said. “I think that’s been one of the great traits that he’s possessed for a long period of time. You just watch the amount of hits and some of the things that he’s bounced back from quickly, whether it be with us or even over the course of his career with the Lions, or even going back to Georgia. So I just see a resilient, tough competitor that continues to compete, continues to battle. His teammates believe in him, his coaches believe in him. That’s what I’m seeing from him.”

The question implies that Stafford is indeed injured. The answer did nothing to correct that assumption. Indeed, if Stafford is currently healthy, McVay should have said something like, “Well, [inserts name of reporter who asked the question], fortunately that’s not something I currently have to see, because our quarterback isn’t injured. If he was, it would appear on our injury report.”

It’s one of the stranger realities of the new NFL, which hasn’t simply cozied up to gambling but has jumped into bed with it. Inside information exists, and the league does a poor job of compelling teams to disclose the inside information regarding a player’s health — even though that inside information has a direct impact on wagering.

Last year, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady played the entire season with a torn MCL in his knee. But he never appeared on the injury report with a knee injury. And the league did nothing about it.

So if the league isn’t going to enforce the rules, why bother complying with them?

13 responses to “Matthew Stafford isn’t injured, unless he is

  1. Or he could be the same Matthew Stafford he’s always been. He’s the least accomplished QB I’ve ever seen that gets treated like he’s one of the most accomplished.

  2. LA is now seeing what Stat Padford is. He will not win you a championship. Can’t win big games. Can’t will a team to win like great QBs can.

  3. We really can’t blame any coach or organization for not reporting unless absolutely necessary. They are paid to win so why give an opponent any information? Of course, this type of non-reporting drives degenerate gamblers crazy lol.

  4. rukiddingme2014 says:
    November 30, 2021 at 11:24 am
    LA is now seeing what Stat Padford is. He will not win you a championship. Can’t win big games. Can’t will a team to win like great QBs can.
    😂😂😂….Stat Padford….greatest nickname ever!!!

  5. Of course he’s injured. And of course he’s playing through it. This is such a physical game that a lot of players have unreported injuries that they play through. As the NFL expands the schedule, they need to expand the size of the rosters so that teams can carry more than one starting QB, like baseball teams carry multiple pitchers. Players in general are going to need to take games off to heal. Right now, that isn’t happening.

  6. Stafford had a team loaded with talent at Georgia that opened the season as #1, and they underperformed. He had Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate to throw to at Detroit, and underperformed. Why should the Rams expect anything different?

  7. He’s a real good guy, but he’s simply not the manna from heaven that the Rams portrayed him to be.

  8. He’s certainly not throwing at his best. I don’t know about other injuries that he may have incurred, but I do know that he broke the thumb on his throwing hand this summer. That won’t heal until the off-season.

  9. Million dollar arm ten cent head.
    There’s a reason why the Lions underperformed during his stay there despite having lots of talent around him. Stafford always finds the most inopportune time to make a critical game changing mistake.
    The latest example was him throwing a pick six late in the third quarter to give the Packers a 17 point lead, proved insurmountable for the Rams.

  10. Being “injured” is determined by ability to practice. If a player is a full participant, they are not injured. Likely many players have issues. But if these do not limit a player’s ability to practice, they may be left off the injury report. No mystery or conspiracy.

  11. He’ll retire after next season or sooner. He said he wants to play in big games. However, once he realizes that won’t happen in LA, his health will become priority.

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