Nick Sirianni: No thought of benching Jalen Reagor

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts said that blame for Sunday’s 13-7 loss to the Giants should fall on him for throwing three interceptions and not on wide receiver Jalen Reagor for two drops late in the fourth quarter.

Those drops came in or near the end zone and joined Reagor’s generally underwhelming production to create calls for the Eagles to bench Reagor. He’s played 68 percent of the team’s offensive snaps this season and head coach Nick Sirianni did not sound inclined to alter his role when asked about sitting him down during a Monday press conference.

“No. Again, we’re trying to put the guys — we go out there and we’re seeing who gives us the best chance to win,” Sirianni said. “We played all five wideouts yesterday. Greg [Ward] played seven plays, J.J. [Arcega-Whiteside] played fifteen plays, then obviously the guys that started started. So, I’m comfortable with the roles they’re in right now. I have not thought about that and not thought through that because I don’t think that’s in the best interest of the team because I think Jalen Reagor gives us the best chance to win.”

Reagor has 25 catches for 201 yards and two touchdowns this season. The 2020 first-rounder had 31 catches for 396 yards and a touchdown as a rookie.

15 responses to “Nick Sirianni: No thought of benching Jalen Reagor

  1. As bad a Hurts played, and it was bad, they still would’ve won the game if Raegor makes either of those 2 catches that were relatively easy by NFL standards.

    Of course there was a streaking wide open Devonta Smith on that last play as well who should’ve got the ball but that’s whole other can of worms.

  2. the only thing I got out of this is that they can use the magnetic gloves to repel the football as well as attract it.

  3. It’s crazy to think that the Eagles could have a WR corp of DeVonte Smith, Justin Jefferson & DK Metcalf if Howie Roseman just drafted guys where they were ranked. But because he always has to be the smartest guy in the room, we’re stuck with Jalen Reagor & J.J. Arcega-Whiteside instead. Two 1st round draft picks and a 2nd rounder spent on the WR position and our QB still only has only 1 guy to throw the ball to. Now I know what it feels like to be Browns fan.

  4. Reagor stinks as a receiver, and he stinks returning punts. The only reason he’s still out there is because he’s a first rounder and this would be ANOTHER first-round bust for Howie if they admitted their mistake.

  5. jquaste says:
    November 30, 2021 at 8:21 am

    “…Now I know what it feels like to be Browns fan.”


    I would normally take offense to that statement if it weren’t so true.

    Draft blunders are hard to watch and the Browns fans have seen too many for a lifetime.

    I remember that pick of Reagor as a head scratcher. This Reagor kid has time to fix his focus and was not his fault he was scouted by the Eagles and picked by Roseman in the 1st round. Hopefully that game and his play made him mad and he will get to work on being a better WR.

  6. He is a 100% bust and i dont think he has the mental fortitude to change that. When you think, he spends hours weekly engaging in twitter battles and threatening fans… this guy is supposed to be a professional athlete, im not saying athletes arent human, what i am saying though is he is mentally fragile. To get into it with fans on social media, its like even he doesnt believe he is an NFL caliber player.

  7. He’s a bust but if you’re hanging the entire offence (including the failures) on a single young WR – you have other issues to address and getting after them would be prudent as well.

  8. – Chosen over Justin Jefferson
    – starting the 2020 season injured
    – being invisible when healthy during 2020
    – showing up overweight to 2021 TC
    – continuing his invisibility act in 2021
    – watching his dad (who also sucked when he played for the Eagles) tweet in his defense
    – watching the ball clap off his hands not once, but twice, in a clutch moment….

    All of the above means that I am SO SICK of the bad mojo surrounding Reagor that I don’t care *how good* his college highlight reel is.

    His vibe is terrible and his performance is worse.

    Get him out of here.

  9. Howie ruined this guy by drafting him ahead of JJ. Not only was drafting Reagor ahead of JJ stupid, but Howie put him in a position of always being compared to JJ, and with his fragile ego, any talent he does have is being crushed by his mental state. He needs to get out of here, and will probably end up as a productive (but not great) WR somewhere else.

  10. Reagor is a great athlete. Quick, great top speed. But boy, he cant do anything else right, and its really crushing the team. Smith is a year behind him in draft class, and light years ahead in capability.
    Need to stop giving Reagor opportunities over Quez… Heck, I am even liking JJAW over Reager right now, and that should say EVERYTHING!!

    Hurts was really bad on Sunday, coach called a terrible game outside of 10 minutes. Cant believe they stopped doing what was working for 4 weeks, to only to go out and try and outsmart themselves…. Again.. Reagor can’t catch.. just needed to go back to that

  11. jquaste says:
    November 30, 2021 at 8:21 am
    It’s crazy to think that the Eagles could have a WR corp of DeVonte Smith, Justin Jefferson & DK Metcalf


    If they had drafted DK and then JJ, they likely wouldn’t have been in a position to draft Devonta, because they might have actually won more games.

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