Report: Urban Meyer has no interest in returning to college

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Urban Meyer won’t be going back to South Bend.

According to, the Jaguars coach “has no interest in taking another head-coaching job in college and remains committed to rebuilding the Jaguars.”

It’s entirely possible Meyer has no interest in taking another head-coaching job in college because no college job has interest in Meyer. Whether it was USC or LSU or Oklahoma or now Notre Dame, his name has not surfaced as a viable candidate at any of those places. So it’s easy for him to say he’s not interested in taking a college coaching job.

Also, it’s smart. He creates the impression that there would be demand for his services, if he wanted to leave for a college job. Even if there wouldn’t be.

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  1. He’s already made boatloads of dollars with the college jobs and already climbed the top of that heap quite awhile ago.

    Now he’s at the highest level of his profession and there should be no going back. If he ends up not being successful at the pro level he can go enjoy the many millions he’s made and have fun and relax the rest of his life.

  2. Urban Meyer may not have an interest in coaching in college, but he may not have a choice in the matter either.

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah…blah, blah, blah. When i’s all said and done, Urban Meyer may not have a choice in the matter. It’s not like he’s lighting the NFL up with all his victories, prowess, leadership and offensive innovations. If ND were to approach, this should be a ‘NO BRAINER’ for him. As a matter of facet, I were he I would run to South Bend, ‘QUICKLY”!!!

  4. But when the Jags fire him at the end of the season, he gets to keep his salary (and depending if their are offsets) potentially bank a college salary too

  5. Which means we should expect an announcement that he’s leaving Jacksonville to coach Notre Dame any day now. I wonder of he knows Treavor Lawrence can’t enter the Transfer Portal and come with him…?

  6. Translation: “Notre Dame hasn’t pursued me so I’m going to say that I’m ‘All In’ for Jacksonville.”

    This will last until a big college program DOES make an offer…..then’s he gone.

  7. Until he does. I remember reading a story when Urban Meyer was speaking with another coach and Meyer told the other coach that he Bleeds Green, Navy and Gold.

  8. It’s possible that Notre Dame would beat Jax if they played.
    The loser would have to keep Meyer. “The Urb Bowl”.

    Also, Urb didn’t like the look of the local talent hitting up the pubs around campus. So…….

  9. Sure nobody is interested in a coach that has 3 or 4 national titles. Uh huh, yea, nobody interested.

  10. He also said that he won’t be returning with the ream because he wants to see his grandkids.

  11. Even though I’m not a Notre Dame fan (I went to a rival university) I acknowledge they are a school with integrity l. I don’t think they would hire a guy like Urban. Not a fit.

  12. I have a hard time giving anything he says credibility. Probably just his way of indirectly negotiating.

  13. Maybe the good people of Jacksonville could start a gofundme to pay for his buyout so Khan can just fire this arrogant ass.

  14. lesepi says:

    November 30, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    His team plays like a college team and that QB is a train wreck
    Comments like this show you actually havent watched the games. I’m not saying Lawrence has played well but to call him a train wreck is laughable. Lawrence biggest issue has been decision making but theres no issue with his mechanics, having the arm and at time accuracy to hit certain throws others wont try. This isnt to say Lawrence is a finished product but watching its EASY to see what to build on and far from a trainwreck like say Jamarcus Russel was.

  15. Brings back memories of Jimmy Johnson’s 1-15 first year in Dallas. You people are being kind to Meyer, compared to what was being said about Jimmy at the time.

  16. He was someone else’s coach before he went to my Gators.
    He brought another wave of success, but I was equally happy when he did leave my Gators.
    He was the coach of the hated rival since I live in UM territory.
    He is now the coach in Jacksonville.
    I dont believe anything the man says has any permanence to it. I don’t think he is a multi year solution anywhere in any HC capacity. I think he had a smug delivery as a broadcaster. I think he’s burning out ALREADY and he’s on the hill in season 1. Meyer can say, or not say whatever he likes. He’s the most successful coach who has almost ZERO doors left open to him on the HC hallway of job openings great and small. The moment on field success is ruled to be unlikely under him he will be gone. He has no equity, few friends, fewer allies in the Pro Game and he was a very imperialist front runner who will find LOTS of stories told about him should he return to College. He’s in his last chapter. And anyone who’s read a book knows often there are blank pages at the end and the conclusion can come surprisingly upon us.

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