Urban Meyer: I’m not a candidate for Notre Dame

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Earlier on Tuesday, ESPN reported that Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer had no interest in taking another college coaching job.

Now Meyer has said so himself.

On a conference call with Los Angeles media with the Jaguars playing the Rams this week, Meyer directly addressed the question of potentially going to Notre Dame after Brian Kelly’s departure to become the head coach at LSU.

I’m not a candidate,” Meyer said, via Greg Beacham of the Associated Press. “Obviously I spent six years of my life there, so great respect for Notre Dame, and as I do USC, UCLA, like we talked about. But I’m committed to the Jaguars and doing the best we can to turn this thing around.”

Meyer was Notre Dame’s receivers coach from 1996-2000 before taking his first head coaching job at Bowling Green.

In some ways, it’s notable Meyer is now doing conference calls with opposing media. He was not doing them earlier in the season, which came up when he was requested by Denver’s media in September.

The Jaguars are currently 2-9 in Meyer’s first season as head coach.

31 responses to “Urban Meyer: I’m not a candidate for Notre Dame

  1. Meyer is a better college coach than an NFL coach. Why wouldn’t he go back to a college program? From the pictures a couple of months ago it is obvious that he enjoys hanging out with young people. I am sure that Khan would be happy to release him from his contract.

  2. Jags management is secretly fanning the flames of taking the ND job, you can bet. If Meyer bolts for ND it’s a Win-Win: Jags can happily move on to an actual NFL caliber coach and Meyer can ride in like a hero at Notre Dame.


    “I guess I have to say it,” Saban said. “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

  4. Shades of Green Bay circa 1973. Dan Devine bolts for South Bend after failing to make a successful transition from college to the pros. Will Pete Carroll be next?

  5. marzxyz says:
    November 30, 2021 at 5:34 pm
    The last thing Notre Dame needs is Urban Meyer

    Yes, why would Notre Dame want to win a national title?

  6. South Bend already has enough Urban decay so they don’t need to add him to it.

    Not happening anyway, “I’m not a candidate” is far different from “I don’t want to leave my current job”. They’ve told him they don’t want him, and they’ll be better off for that decision.

  7. He may regret this decision in year three of the rebuild when QB gets hurt n the dude without a doubt proves he can’t coach at this level while still thinking he’s a legend in his own mind while winning one more game a year than the total in the past leaving the owner crying and simply aghast wondering how long can this crap last ??.

  8. I believe Urban has disqualified himself from any big coaching jobs,especially Notre Dame, with that video.Just imagine the introductory press conference where a team is supposed to be excited and proud.No way.He will be lucky if Fox takes him back as an analyst.

  9. The Jags are slowly improving. They’re competitive in most of their games. They definitely have a talent gap that they’ll address in the draft and free agency. They’ve had like one winning season in 13 years so I’ll give Meyer the benefit that he can guide a turnaround. Now he may not be there to reap the spoils, but he’s slowly creating something positive.

  10. Give Meyer another year or two, and he’ll have the Jags ready to compete for the title. He already has the QB, so he’s more than half way there. Jimmy Johnson didn’t start out any better his first year in Dallas. He didn’t even win 2 games. I’ve seen it happen many times when a good coach takes over the worst team in the league, but had the overall #1 pick in the draft in a year a once in an era QB is coming out. Everyone is still learning the playbook, and the coaches are just getting acquainted with each player’s strengths and limitations. They just need to add a few solid players, and let Lawrence get a few games under his belt. By about midway through next year they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

  11. He has done a terrible job in Jacksonville from free agency to the draft to developing players to coaching and embarrass the club and his family with his antics in Ohio. There are many Jaguar fans who are hoping he goes to Notre Dame or anywhere. Just go.

  12. Why has there been a narrative that is trying so hard to get Urban to fired/leave/quit this year?

    The Urban experiment needs at least two years. The Jags were always going to be awful this year after their roster was completely gutted after everybody up and left.

  13. brianh992 says:
    November 30, 2021 at 5:01 pm
    Brian Kelly is an absolute coward. Took a photo of him and I and trashed it.Hope you fail.
    You didn’t already know this with the way he left UC 12 years ago? He’s out for himself, always been a snake. That’s his right, it don’t think for a minute if LSU doesn’t turn it around quick that he won’t be abandoning them too

  14. So two quick observations based on the comments on this story.

    1. Wasn’t Pete Carroll about to face some disciplinary action from the NCAA that he would have to deal with if he wanted to go back and coach college football again?

    2. It’s entirely possible that Notre Dame holding themselves to higher academic and personal conduct standards may not have any interest in Urb after his grinding episode at his steakhouse. I find the wording of him saying he’s “not a candidate” interesting as it suggests maybe they’re not interested in him.

    What I could see is him flaming out in Jacksonville and then going a route similar to Lane Kiffin riding in like a hero to someplace like FAU.

  15. “Brian Kelly is an absolute coward. Took a photo of him and I and trashed it.Hope you fail.”

    I never understand these weird takes like this. He coached ND for 12 seasons and became the winningest coach in their history. How much longer was he obligated to stay there? Forever? Like he literally never was going to be able to take some other job he wanted? Yet just one or two bad years and ND would have been seen as being totally justified in moving on. And it just makes it all the funnier that the people who have these takes would leave their job for an extra couple bucks without even giving notice and that’d be perfectly fine.

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