Week 13 NFC playoff picture: Status quo on top, but changes in the Wild Card race

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team
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Week 12 ended with Washington beating Seattle 17-15 on Monday night and that win led to a change in the makeup of the Wild Card race in the NFC.

Washington’s third straight win has lifted them to the No. 7 position in the conference with six weeks left in the regular season. They also dug themselves out of a deep hole to win the NFC East last year, so it’s a familiar path for Ron Rivera’s team to follow during the stretch run this year.

Sunday also saw the 49ers jump up to a Wild Card spot by beating the Vikings, who opened play as the No. 6 seed and will now need to win and get help to climb back into a  playoff spot. The Saints also tumbled out of playoff position when they lost to the Bills on Thanksgiving, but they join several other teams that still have life in a very tight race for Wild Card spots in the NFC.

There weren’t any changes in the races for divisional titles and here’s how everything shakes out heading into Week 13:

1. Cardinals (9-2) They hope to have quarterback Kyler Murray and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins back as they try to close out the year with a top seed and bye in the first round of the playoffs.

2. Packers (9-3) Quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ toe may be painful, but his play remained sharp and he’ll now get some rest during the Packers’ bye week.

3. Buccaneers (8-3) A strong second half lifted them to a win over the Colts and beating Atlanta this weekend would put them on the doorstep of clinching the division.

4. Cowboys (7-4) They expect to have several players back in the lineup this Thursday as they try to snap a two-game losing streak and solidify their NFC East lead heading into the final weeks of the season.

5. Rams (7-4) Unlike the Cowboys, they don’t have reinforcements on the way to help them end their own losing streak but they shouldn’t need them to right the ship against the Jaguars.

6. 49ers (6-5) Their running game has propelled them to three straight wins and they’ll try to keep things rolling against the reeling Seahawks this weekend.

7. Washington (5-6) Five NFC East games in the final five weeks will likely decide their fate, but the Raiders are up first this weekend.

8. Vikings (5-6) The schedule offers them a golden opportunity to rebound by sending them to Detroit this weekend.

9. Falcons (5-6) They haven’t beaten a team that currently has a winning record this season and that will likely have to change this weekend for the Falcons to harbor serious playoff hopes.

10. Saints (5-6) Four straight losses have the team set to make a quarterback change in an attempt to salvage their season.

11. Eagles (5-7) A sloppy offensive performance sunk them against the Giants, but they’ll be back at the Meadowlands this weekend with a chance to rebound against the Jets.

12. Panthers (5-7) Christian McCaffrey‘s latest injury and Cam Newton‘s putrid performance over the weekend have the Panthers trending the wrong way entering their bye week.

13. Giants (4-7) The offense didn’t take leaps and bounds without fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, but they got a win that keeps some hope alive in Jersey.

14. Bears (4-7) While head coach Matt Nagy didn’t get fired after squeezing past the Lions, the outlook doesn’t look much brighter after the Thanksgiving victory.

15. Seahawks (3-8) It’s now three straight losses since quarterback Russell Wilson returned to the lineup and the Seahawks are just about out of lives.

16. Lions (0-10-1) If the Seahawks keep going on their current path, Week 17 in Seattle may offer them their best chance at a win this season.

17 responses to “Week 13 NFC playoff picture: Status quo on top, but changes in the Wild Card race

  1. After reading this list I have decided against the 7th playoff spot. Diluted product possibly throughout playoffs trumps the boost of #1 seed import. Heavy grouping to be called the best of the worst.

  2. this is sad. if you can’t figure out this league is rigged you aren’t all there.

    Why would tehy hand Brady more Super Bowls?

    Wouldn’t they want to boost trash organizations like the Lions, Jaguars?

    Wouldn’t they push “America’s Team” who hasn’t won a meaningful game in 30 years?

  3. Totally agree about the 7th playoff spot diluting the field. They should have dropped that when adding the 17th game. Garbage team gets a playoff game when a premiere team in the #2 slot should get a break and heal up after a longer season. Now the NFL will get a hobbled Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs, is that what they want?

  4. What we have here is what the NFL strived for “parity”. Salary caps, structured contracts, limited pay for rookies, all help hone parity. The reason is simple: money from advertising is what spins the cogs of the NFL. They worried about someone wanting to watch “Heidi” instead of their 2-11 team and having the advertisers saying, were not paying you big bucks for that teams games.
    Now there is hope all over the place. Who knows, maybe your 5-6 team can run the table and be 11-6 at the end of the year, tune in to see the show. This is the NFL dream. Mo Money

  5. Why even worry about what team is the 7th spot one? If this is such a bad idea, then let the team that plays them in the playoff settle it? Unless you are afraid that that team might not be as bad as you think!

  6. The games are definitely all rigged, and that’s not a bad thing. It means, your team will eventually win a super bowl, but you have to study these numbers. All the players and teams have numbers that connect to their own personal background history. It’s not a coincidence that Brady will finish 8-3 in super bowls, considering he was born on August 3rd and has deep roots with championships. The words Lombardi trophy has the same letters used to spell Tom Brady. Also, Bill Belichick equals 83 in gematria. Both will retire with eight rings.

  7. Cowboys do not have a 3 game losing streak. It is 2. Both without Amari cooper, Cee Dee Lamb, Both starting D ends and Tyron Smith.

  8. There are a whole lot of garbage teams competing for that 7th spot.
    A ridiculously sad amount.

  9. Why would the NFL want terribly run teams to win? They dont make the league extra. Owners all profit. Wait until Vegas has even more pull on the scores. They just got in the game.

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