Andrew Berry: We expect Baker Mayfield to play his best football down the stretch

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has had an up-and-down fourth season.

He’s been plagued by several injuries, at one point saying he’s as beat up as he’s ever been. But Mayfield has maintained that he’s felt better week after week.

At the Week 13 bye, Mayfield has completed 62 percent of his passes for 2,413 yards with 11 touchdowns and six interceptions. His passer rating is down from 95.9 in 2020 to 89.9 in 2021. He’s yet to engineer a fourth-quarter comeback or game-winning drive this season.

General Manager Andrew Berry addressed the media on Wednesday and noted how everyone knows Mayfield is physically tough.

“[Baker] has had stretches this year where he has played well for us,” Berry said, via 92.3 The Fan. “He’s worked through injuries. We expect him to play his best football here down the stretch after the bye.”

The Browns are 1-2 in the last three weeks, with Mayfield playing some of his worst football. He’s completed just 51 percent of his passes for 496 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions, which works out to a 65.1 passer rating. He’s also fumbled twice, losing one of them.

Mayfield is in a critical fourth season. Though the Browns have already picked up his fifth-year option for 2022, he has yet to sign a long-term contract extension. Berry said Cleveland’s struggles in the pass games aren’t a one-person issue. But Mayfield is still the one who touches the football on every play and the Browns rank 25th in passing offense.

Still, Berry said the Browns aren’t considering a QB change, so Mayfield will play as long as he’s healthy. And Berry noted that the last five games won’t necessarily be about Mayfield showing him anything to earn a contract extension.

Instead, Berry said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, that there’s plenty of time to figure out how the Browns want to build their roster into the future. At this point, the focus is on the final five games of the year.

Cleveland has a difficult schedule down the stretch. The club will come out of its bye to play Baltimore on Dec. 12. Then the Browns will face the Raiders, Packers, Steelers, and Bengals to end the 2021 season.

25 responses to “Andrew Berry: We expect Baker Mayfield to play his best football down the stretch

  1. Baker Mayfield, 2-5 against teams currently over .500 … he is looking at facing the next five teams who are all currently over .500 …enjoy!

  2. Well you should definitely leave him in every game even as he’s clearly injured. That tends to produce really good results by the end of the season.

  3. lol!!!

    Here is a guy responsible for much of their mess, with a dead man walking qb, where they have played him up as some franchise wb, only to walk from him in embarrassing fashion.

    That’s Cincy’s division for years to come.

  4. Being tough means absolutely nothing, being a capable NFL players that can win means the most. Baker is at best a Cousins level average QB that has no real upside and is highly unlikely to lead any team to a Superbowl, unless the defense is stifling and doesn’t allow the other team to score. Browns either draft another QB and dump Baker or start putting all the money into the defense, but avoiding those type players who only seem worried about there own stats such as sacks and brand building and not so much about winning.

  5. Below average at best. Do commercials, being a NFL QB takes alot more then what he’s been showing.

  6. The guy is a physical wreck. There’s very little chance that the Browns go on a run or give him a big contract. It’s been Case Keenum time for a while now.

  7. One could say that Jameis Winston performed better in his first four years in the league and the Bucs decided he wasn’t worth signing to another contract. Something tells me the Browns are hoping they see more from Mayfield but if they won’t they’ll let him walk. Then Mayfield can be a backup somewhere.

  8. Berry is no doubt watching a lot of college football QB tape i see the Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder in the 2nd rd is my early choice since Baker most likely will return that’d give this young man a year to learn as it is often done nowadays in the NFL .

  9. How can he play his best football with injuries? Baker and the Browns seem to be heading to a divorce. Berry and Stefanski have already made their decision. So where will Baker land?

  10. All the guy has to do is hand the ball off and don’t turn it over, he can’t even do that. Time to move on.

  11. Baker is tough, but men of Berry and Stefanski’s intelligence would not chose to allow Mayfield to play with a reasonable backup sitting in the bench. This is good old fashioned owner meddling ladies and gentlemen.

  12. jed699 says:
    December 1, 2021 at 5:13 pm
    Mac Jones could be three years away from being in Baker Mayfield’s shoes.
    Mac never looks confused. Mac can throw.
    If Mac were to act like he was injured, he wouldn’t forget to limp sometimes.

  13. There’s a reason this guy has had to walk-on to literally every single college he’s ever played for. He’s not a sure-fire winner or even a prototypical Quarterback. He’s more of a career backup that looks good in relief for other starters. If all you needed to be an NFL QB was heart, moxie and toughness…he’d be the next Tom Brady. Unfortunately for him, you also need certain physical traits that he does not possess…like enough height to see over the linemen in front of you. He’s probably the best “project” QB out there. He’s basically a shorter version of Colt McCoy. Both were drafted by the Browns, both have started games in 2021 and both were drafted by GMs who are no longer with the team because of it. Andrew Berry is giving Baker enough rope to hang himself…so he can finally draft his own QB.

  14. Daniel Jeremiah’s (of 2017 scouting report of Baker Mayfield:

    “I think a better comparison for Mayfield is Colt McCoy coming out of college. I know OU fans won’t appreciate this comparison, but I think they are similar athletes and possess similar arm talent. Both guys were big-time winners in college and I think Mayfield, like McCoy, will have a long NFL career as a solid No. 2 QB.”

    If Andrew Berry doesn’t see things the same way, JIMMAY needs to replace him with Mr. Jeremiah ASAP. The Browns are in serious need of someone with common sense.

  15. Mac Jones could be three years away from being in Baker Mayfield’s shoes.
    Mac never looks confused. Mac can throw.
    If Mac were to act like he was injured, he wouldn’t forget to limp sometimes.


    Don’t kid yourself. Three years ago, Mayfield WAS in Mac Jones shoes, looking like the best QB in his class and setting rookie td records. I’m not saying it’s going to happen to Jones, but when everyone is saying you’re pro-ready but got a low ceiling… well it might be a good time to remember that classic line from Reservoir Dogs about not fellating each other quite yet.

  16. You people are nothing but fair weather fans, some of you are not that bright either. I think I will take the football IQ’s of some good football quarterbacks than you people. I think Curt Warner had a good breakdown of what contributed to the loss last week. He had some good play analysis like Chubb not running flat instead of more angled than the play was designed to be remember this offense is timing and throwing to a spot so you have to run precise routs. There was plenty of bad play to go around including the coach. This team a few years ago only won 1 game in 2 seasons. take a chill pill, Baker has shown in college and in the pros he is known for his accuracy. yes he did get hurt not like a few of you have alluded to him faking or forgetting to limp sometimes even Toni Grossi has admitted he is injured. as far as Case Keenum that is an Andrew Barry problem next time carry a third quarterback if you feel the backup is not good enough or is this a way to make him look bad since he was not there guy.

  17. I think Bernie Kosar said it best Baker has a high ceiling ahead of him. He is an accurate quarterback and good leader, his mistake was trying to tackle the guy who picked him off when a rookie ran a bad route.

  18. Daniel Jeremiah I think Curt warner is a lot more knowledgeable than him for quarterbacks play. Even Mike Golic just said the receivers are not getting separation that is not Bakers fault. Players dropping passes right to them are not his fault get it together.

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