Hunter Henry is prepared to miss a game if wife goes into labor on a game day

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Patriots tight end Hunter Henry‘s wife, Parker, is pregnant with the couple’s first child. The due date is late December.

Henry is hoping the baby doesn’t decide to come on a game day, but, if so, he is prepared to miss a game during the Patriots’ playoff push.

“That’s a tough conversation, but this is my first, man,” Henry said, via Zack Cox of NESN. “If it had to be a game or seeing my firstborn born, I’m going to go see my child be born. We’re going to do our best to not have that come across. The biggest issue is when the game starts, and then if she goes into labor during the game. That’s where the issue kind of lies.

“But we’re ready, and we have a lot of backup plans to be ready to go.”

Running back James White and linebackers Kyle Van Noy and Shilique Calhoun each missed a game during the first month of the 2019 season for the same reason.

Colts quarterback Carson Wentz said earlier this season he would not attend the birth of his second child if it coincided with a game. His daughter’s birth, though, ended up not conflicting.

“It’s kind of getting to crunch time,” said Henry, who leads the Patriots with seven touchdown catches this season. “The baby could come at any time. The due date’s the end of this month, but we’re kind of in that window now. . . . It’s coming soon, so we’ll see.”

13 responses to “Hunter Henry is prepared to miss a game if wife goes into labor on a game day

  1. Personal choice. I know for me I would rather be with my family. I would remember that moment more than any football game.

  2. Can doctors induce labor during the bye week so he doesn’t miss a game? He is too important in this offense.

  3. When Hunter said ‘It’s kind of getting to crunch time,’ I thought he was talking about the playoffs.
    But there is no doubt where he should be that day.

  4. Yes, do not miss the birth of your first child or any other child you might have. No game, win streak, or just about anything else would be worth it.

  5. That’s the right choice. Plenty other games to play. No other chance to be there for the birth.

  6. Exciting time. Football is the last of his family’s worries in that situation. Best of luck to the burgeoning clan!

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