Robert Griffin III hints that he was a victim of sexual harassment in Washington

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Earlier today, we attempted to reconcile the intention of former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III to sell a book that delves into, among other things, the sexual harassment issues within the franchise with his failure to say anything about what he knows either in the past or in the present, given that the issue continues to be the subject of intense public curiosity — and a Congressional investigation.

In response to our tweet on the issue, Griffin said this: “Sexual harassment victims should share their stories when they are ready not when you want them to. The book is not about other people’s experiences with sexual harassment in Washington. It’s about my experience with sexual harassment in Washington. Hopefully you will listen.”

That comment creates the impression that Griffin is a victim of sexual harassment, not a witness to it. So we sought further clarification in response to his tweet. He has not replied.

He has, however, retweeted this tweet from his wife: “Let’s clear up a misconception about ‘Surviving Washington.’ In the book, Robert is not talking about other peoples experiences with sexual harassment in Washington. He is talking about his OWN experience with sexual harassment in Washington.”

Again, this creates the impression that Griffin was a victim, not a witness.

His co-author, Gary Myers, said this to the Washington Post on the issue of sexual harassment: “He heard things, didn’t witness . . .  a lot of what came out in those Washington Post stories.”

Also, Griffin said this in his online video announcing the book: “I’m gonna open your eyes to the sexual harassment that permeated the walls of that building.”

While sexual harassment victims clearly have the right to share their stories when they are ready, it’s fair to ask whether he’s actually a victim, and whether he’s deliberately being coy about this subject in order to sell books. Especially since he has yet to say with true clarity that he was indeed a victim of sexual harassment.

It’s not unprecedented for men to be victims of sexual harassment, obviously. As it relates to the reported culture of the Washington Football Team, however, the notion that a male employee was harassed sexually would dramatically change the existing perception/reality that women were the exclusive victims.

At this point, all we can do it wait for Griffin’s actual story to emerge, either when the book is published or when advance copies make their rounds, in the months preceding official publication. Was he a victim, a witness, or something else? We’ll find out no later than August 2022.

36 responses to “Robert Griffin III hints that he was a victim of sexual harassment in Washington

  1. That’s a lot of words to come to the obvious conclusion we need to read the book to find out what happened.

  2. It’s all about him. It was always about him. That’s why he wasn’t liked by coaches or teammates.

  3. Spill the beans…who is it? If the person is still in the NFL, the league needs to dispel them out of the NFL

  4. He’s trying to promote his book. I don’t expect him to say more until we get close to the publication date. This doesn’t lessen whatever happened to him.

  5. Lots of hype to try to sell books and stuff his pockets with sale proceeds. Not to say what he tells in the book doesn’t have some truth to it. However, seems like he’s trying to cash in on Washington’s continued crisis. His story would be a lot more credible if he would have voiced his story years ago vs jumping on the kick Washington when they are down bandwagon.

  6. It has always been about RGME and always will be. Not saying what has taken place in Washington is ok, just saying there is always 3 sides to the story. His, theirs and then the truth. Hard to get the truth anymore in today’s society.

  7. He’s no longer beholden to the NFL so this is 100% the right time to write the book. And 100% the wrong time to question if he’s a victim or not until we hear more.

  8. This guy doesn’t need money; if he has all the profits go to victims of sexual abuse, then I’ll listen to what he has to say.

  9. It’s weird that people treat things written in books differently than if they were tweeted or just blurted out in a news conference for free.

  10. I’m not sure that it is fair to ask if he is a victim. Personally I don’t think it is anyone’s business.

  11. thecoltsfan76 says:
    I’m not sure that it is fair to ask if he is a victim. Personally I don’t think it is anyone’s business.

    He is the one writing a book about it.

  12. Hard to take Bob seruously after he asked the team to sign him just 2 months ago on Twitter.

  13. He’s going to be very disappointed when his book sales are effected by the truth coming out beforehand.

  14. Hmmmmmmm,,,a name change that has been with our team since 1933,,,an Jerry Jones wannabe owner who’s no longer in charge of his own team,,,hasn’t made to any conference final since 1991,,,fined 30 million by the NFL for questionable decisions,,,got embarrassed by the Michael Vick led eagles on MNF and now a former franchise Qb writing a tell all book,,,All of this while we’re in the midst of a 3 game winning streak fighting for our playoff lives,,,the stress of being a fan of my favorite team testes my allegiance every year,,,

  15. “He heard things, didn’t witness”

    That sounds like less a victim and more of a rumor mill churning. This leaves the obvious loophole so he can just say things he heard whether true or not.

    Point 2, a victim is a live witness to said harassment. Not hearing it as a 4th perhaps even 5th party down the line is exactly what takes place in every company. There’s always the one story about an employee who did this crazy thing or whatever

  16. I used to think Robert was a good dude and rooted for him to be successful. But looking at all this stuff, it’s incredibly tone deaf, not to mention it stinks of a scheme to cash in on the backs of the real victims

    This isn’t the first time rg3 was accused of being Tone deaf and self inflated. It’s justified, there’s a real pattern of this kind of behavior

  17. It’s rare to be able to see someone’s career come to an end live on national television, even more so when it was entirely the fault of negligence from his coaching staff. I love defense, love seeing QBs get jacked up, but that playoff game against Seattle was uncomfortable viewing.

  18. I thought Griffiths could of had a great career if he had not of been injured so badly his first year. I still can’t believe they put him back in the game after an incredible in that playoff game

  19. It’s only been like 2 months since RG3 was begging WFT for another shot just google it. If he was a victim why would he wanna go back to this so called “toxic work place” mehh I call BS.

  20. His own experience could be that he heard sexually harassing talk or saw other things that conveyed a toxic atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be that he was a victim of harassment himself. We’ll find out when we find out. I can live until then.

  21. Seems that no one that witnessed crimes or were the victims of misdeeds or crimes in DC say anything about when it matters. They only say something when their book is finished.

  22. To me, it’s understandable that a football player wouldn’t want to spill the beans while he’s still trying to be employed in the NFL. We’ve all seen how the owners appear to collude in matters relating to players. He could easily have feared becoming persona non grata if he said anything negative about Washington ownership and management.

    So now he’s out and writing a book, and some commenters here seem to think it’s a terrible thing for RG3 to want to make money from the book. But isn’t that a big motivation for anybody writing a book? I don’t hold it against him. And I also don’t see why he shouldn’t have the opportunity to set down his experiences and opinions thoughtfully and in detail. People tweet and pop off too much these days. There’s no nuance, and too many opportunities for misunderstanding.

  23. But I do remember him saying just last month that he wanted to come back to Washington! Why would anyone want to come back to being sexually harassed?

  24. remizak, sure all good and fine to write a book. But when you write things that are false to get said money, that’s a scumbag move.

  25. This is from a guy that drowned his dog in a 5 gallon bucket because it wouldn’t fight.

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