Sunday’s game will be 30th meeting between John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Ravens and Steelers will renew their longstanding rivalry on Sunday and so will their respective head coaches.

Mike Tomlin took over the Steelers in 2007 and John Harbaugh was hired in Baltimore the next year, so they’ve locked horns many times over the years. Counting the postseason, this Sunday’s game will be the 30th time that they’ve been on opposite sidelines.

Missi Matthews of the Steelers website notes that only two sets of opposing head coaches have faced off more often. George Halas led the Bears to a 30-16-3 record against teams coached by Curly Lambeau and Lambeau is also part of the No. 2 matchup. He went 14-15-2 in games against longtime Giants head coach Steve Owen.

Barring anything way out of left field, Harbaugh and Tomlin will tie Lambeau and Owen in Week 18. Tomlin enters this weekend with a slight 15-14 edge in games against Harbaugh.

5 responses to “Sunday’s game will be 30th meeting between John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin

  1. 15-14 is pretty even, good battles. I think it will be a defensive game with a ton of bad QB play. Ben is done and Lamar couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn on Sunday.

  2. The Ravens barely beat the Browns throwing 4 picks. The NFL is crazy this year. Steelers beat the Inept Browns in Cleveland, Browns blow out Cincy in Cincy, Cincy blows out Pitts 2x. Who knows. This is a coin flip game. But if I’m taking one team over the other, I’m taking Pittsburgh

  3. And the browns have gone through 15 to 16 coach’s since harbs and Tomlins first match up

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