Why doesn’t Robert Griffin III say now what he knows regarding WFT sexual harassment?

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Former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is writing a book, with Gary Myers. Griffin announced the book by saying that it will cover, among other things, the sexual harassment scandal that continues to affect the team, and a “toxic environment” within the organization.

So why hasn’t Griffin previously said something about the sexual harassment? More importantly, why isn’t he saying it now, given the clear public and Congressional interest in the subject?

That’s a really valid question,” Myers recently told Glynn A. Hill of the Washington Post, as to Griffin’s past silence. “My thought was that during that period of time, the fact that he was playing for another team when those stories came out, he just might not have felt compelled to speak on it at that point, and there might be some things that he wasn’t comfortable talking about at that point — things that I didn’t know about until recently. . . .

“I know that I’m kind of being vague on that, but I think there’s some things that have come out in the book that better answer that question about why he wasn’t comfortable about speaking out on it two years ago,” Myers said. “There’s going to be things in there regarding that situation, that wouldn’t have been appropriate for him to discuss two years ago, where he wasn’t comfortable discussing two years ago, but just feels differently now.”

Fine, but why not say it now? Why not share what he knows instead of using it to tease a book that won’t be published until August 2022? He’s not playing for any team, and there’s no reason to think that he imminently will be offered a contract to do so.

The simple truth is that he wants people to buy the book and read about it there. The simple reality is that, once the advance copies are printed and circulated in the coming months, the first thing people will look for is whatever it is that he has to say about the workplace environment and culture. And whatever he says about the workplace environment will end up on the pages of the Post and elsewhere. Unless the publisher keeps the book completely under wraps before publication, what Griffin knows will be getting out.

So, again, why not just do the right thing and say what you know now, at a time when the story has lingering relevance?

As Myers acknowledged, it’s definitely a valid question. His answer to it, frankly, was not.

22 responses to “Why doesn’t Robert Griffin III say now what he knows regarding WFT sexual harassment?

  1. To pin this on Griffin is silly.
    The NFL knows everything that Griffin knows, and much more.
    They should be the ones to dish the info.

  2. He wants to sell a book. It’s odd that someone who is publishing his first book in March and relentlessly hawks it on his website would begrudge someone else from trying to make a buck the same way.

  3. If the NFL conducted a thorough investigation they should have already interviewed Griffin. However, we all know that was a sham.

  4. “why not just do the right thing and say what you know now”

    I think we’re well past the time when the right thing could have been done.

  5. Because when he was on the team he did nothing to stop it. In addition, saying somthing now would negatively impact sales of his book.

  6. I’m all for anything that continues to hurt Snyder. Bring it on RG3!! And for those who claim he’s a bust, show me another year under Snyder that was better than 2012. And show me evidence that Bruce Allen would have done better with those 3 number 1 picks. You simply can’t. In the context of the Snyder era, that trade was well worth it. In the context of all NFL teams, maybe not. But Snyder operates at a much lower bar.

  7. Most likely like the vast majority of NFL players his career ended far sooner then he planned meaning he is broke, well over spent, bad investments and desperately needs the money. So a tell all book or hoping for some type of payoff is an easy route to some quick cash, the question is what he knows worth anything that isn’t already known. Sounds like a desperation move to get some money.

  8. I find it poetic justice that the dysfunctioanl narcissist Snyder forced on the Shannahans and the organization is now biting his hand!

    Snyder and Griffen have character issues and that’s likely a large part of why he didn’t talk to investigators. He doesn’t shy away from any opportunity to talk so his decision not to then speaks volumes!

  9. That would be dumb of him – that gives away all of his leverage for books sales and any other agreements that might be made to him to keep his lips shut.

  10. Can’t blame him for wanting to cash in a little bit. He was pretty talented. How many years did Shanahan cost him in the league? He could have been at least backing up somebody for a mil or two a year.

  11. Two reasons, likely…

    1. He wants to sell copies of his book
    2. He doesn’t want to get sued by Dan Snyder

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