Aaron Rodgers wasn’t suspended because he didn’t lie to the league

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Given that the league has suspended Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown and two others for three games due to misrepresenting their vaccination status, some are wondering why Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t suspended for doing the same thing.

The answer is simple, even if it’s not universally accepted as satisfactory.

Brown misrepresented his status to the Buccaneers and, in turn, the NFL. In contrast, the Packers and the NFL at all times knew that Rodgers was not vaccinated.

That said, Rodgers lied about his status to everybody else, both with his words and his actions — repeatedly showing up for indoors press conferences without wearing a mask, despite the protocols applicable to unvaccinated players. And the fact that he broke the rules that the NFL and NFL Players Association regarded as necessary to protect, for example, the reporters in the press room while questioning unvaccinated players means that, in the estimation of the league and the union, Rodgers put those reporters at risk.

But Rodgers faced only a fine for one violation (arising from attending a Halloween party), in large part because the team and the league allowed him to continue to show up for those press conferences without a mask, even though the team and the league knew he wasn’t vaccinated.

Both offenses are problematic. Brown’s is much worse, given that he was in much closer proximity to coaches and staff without a mask or other precautions because the team and the league believed he was vaccinated. And Brown faced a greater consequence because of it.

Should Rodgers have faced greater consequences, too? A reasonable argument can be made that he got away with far less than a slap on the wrist. However, unlike Brown, he never lied to the team or the league about his true status.

28 responses to “Aaron Rodgers wasn’t suspended because he didn’t lie to the league

  1. We’re talking about the guy the league changed a rule for because he was mad a defender tackled him. Rodgers didn’t get a fake vaccine ID but he lied every other way and as much as Brown and these other jokers. Separate rules that will probably enable an undeserved SB berth.

  2. He lied to Packer fans. I’m a Packer fan. He lied to me. He’s a liar. There’s no way to spin a purposeful liar.

  3. Rogers fooled the media not the league or his team. Put the pitchforks away.
    AB won’t catch half the heat Rogers got.

    I don’t like Rogers. Facts are well Facts.

  4. Packers are given special favors all the time. Just watch the officiating during one of their games.

  5. I’m a huge Packer fan and until recently a devoted Rodgers supporter. I know Rodgers will do his best playing for the Packers because there’s too much money involved not to. I’ll cheer for the Packers as always. I don’t have to like him. He has become, to me, a talented athlete only without also being a person of character. It’s an admirable combination, if you earn it. The character of a man is what he does when he thinks nobody is watching. Rodgers has clearly shown what he is made of.

    We’re all familiar with low-character, high-athleticism players. It’s funny, the legacy and brand Rodgers was building was exactly that of a respected and intelligent person-of-note. He blew that.

    This is not about purposely avoiding the vaccine. That’s a completely separate act-of-stupidity. This is about subjecting unwary others to the failings of your own arrogance……..and then lying about it.

  6. Get real. He did lie and put people at risk just as much as brown
    Ok, we’re just saying things that aren’t true now? Rodgers didn’t lie to his teammates, they knew. He didn’t lie to the team, they knew. He didn’t lie to the NFL, they knew. How is that the same as AB who lied to everyone? AB lied to a coach who’s had cancer 3 times. These two things are not the same.

  7. AB definitely deserves more of a punishment since he lied to everyone and put them in danger by getting vaccinated privileges.

    But while rodgers was forthcoming to the team and league, he lied to the fans and media, and he violated mask requirements in place to protect reporters.

    He didnt deserve the full AB suspension, but to completely ignore his other violations and only do a fine for a party violation is a bad look for the NFL to condone lying to fans and media.

  8. Not true at all. Rogers said he was immunized, that is a lie. He acted like he was vaccinated, so he put just as many people at risk as Brown. Rogers got more favorable treatment, no matter how you want to portray it.

  9. Is the virus that Rodgers could have passed less dangerous than the virus AB could have passed?

    Just proves to me how little integrity there is with the NFL’s policies.

  10. So, he lied to the public. The NFL knew he did… the Packers knew. But said nothing of it.
    The result was a fine. $14,000 I think, from a dude who makes 30 million. Maybe at least it went to a good cause.

  11. Brown and Rodgers are both primadonnas. I am a Packers shareholder and, until now, a Rodgers supporter. No more. He obviously thinks the rules governing regular folk like me do not apply to him. He is wrong. This is an especially bad look for the league with Rodgers the reigning league MVP, who jeopardized the health of others. If the Packers knew he was unvaccinated and did nothing, permitting him the freedoms of vaccinated players then it is complicit and should be fined.

  12. As a 54yr Packers fan i can no longer support that lying diva rodgers he’s smug he’s arrogant he’s
    a bad person and yes the NFL dropped the ball once again by not giving him a 3 game suspension
    there are 46 Packer players suited up each week i will root for 45 of them.
    He is a great player he very well might win another MVP and a SB but that will change who he is as
    a man he’s not a good one .

  13. Packers are given special favors all the time. Just watch the officiating during one of their games.

    Like the Sean Murphy-Bunting PI that cost them the NFCC Game?

  14. anyone crying about his lying about the situation is a loser, and that’s about the nicest way I can put it. you didn’t deserve to know, bcuz you are a nobody. the people that knew, knew, bcuz they deserved to. pretty simple.

  15. “As a 54yr Packers fan i can no longer support that lying diva rodgers he’s smug he’s arrogant he’s
    a bad person“

    Did you support Favre?

    Feel free to remind me of his lack of scruples while doing women in bar bathrooms and popping painkillers.

    The double standards of some packer fans are top notch.

  16. cheeseisfattening says:
    December 3, 2021 at 2:48 pm
    Should have been suspended for bullying that young reporter. Twice.

    That behavior is exactly the kind of person you are. We both know it. Get off your high horse.

  17. ditt76 says:
    December 4, 2021 at 10:16 am
    One committed a federal crime. One used a synonym. Not even comparable.


    They both knowingly employed deceptive intentions, while exposing unwary others to a very serious health risk…..and not shiving-a-git. For that, he is guilty. He lied. He’s a liar.

  18. Rodgers’ arrogance failed him. There’s nothing more humiliating for a rich guy than to have his arrogance fail him loudly and in-public. Rodgers will always be known as a liar because of this one moment-in-time.

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