Eric Bieniemy tells Chiefs’ playmakers: Just hand the ball to the ref to avoid taunting penalties

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs
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In the Chiefs’ most recent game, running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire picked up a 15-yard taunting penalty for pointing at a defender on his way into the end zone. Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was not happy about it.

Bieniemy said he’s been talking to the Chiefs’ offensive playmakers about how they should avoid taunting players, and his rule is simple: If you score a touchdown, hand the ball to the official and go celebrate on the sideline..

“The thing that we stress to our guys [is that] this is a point of emphasis, so regardless of what you might seem to think that it’s harmless, that’s not the case anymore,” Bieniemy said, via the Kansas City Star. “We need to go back to the days of just handing the ball to the ref — get in the end zone, celebrate with your guys, and then we go on from there.”

What Bieniemy is describing is the classic Barry Sanders touchdown celebration. It worked well for Sanders, and may catch on with more players who decide that any kind of celebration isn’t worth the risk of a taunting flag.

22 responses to “Eric Bieniemy tells Chiefs’ playmakers: Just hand the ball to the ref to avoid taunting penalties

  1. The choreographed celebrations are pathetic. I watched every snap Barry took for 10 years and his simple, classy way of concluding a great TD run without humiliating his opponent is a lesson for all current players, from rookies to veterans.

  2. Maybe shake the ref’s hand and congratulate him on a jolly good show as well. Stiff upper lip everyone.

  3. The Minnesota Gophers football players hand the ball directly to the refs after every play , I’ve noticed. That’s the best approach in order to avoid the nonsense of taunting…

  4. Talk about mixed signals. It was just 2 years ago the league ENCOURAGED Choreography and flamboyance.

    Now the same powers are cracking down on that stuff?

  5. “…may catch on with more players who decide that any kind of celebration isn’t worth the risk of a taunting flag.”

    This will never catch on. NFL players becoming more like NBA players every day. They would rather look good in a loss than to look common in a team win. Why defensive players run 90 yards to the opposite endzone and pose after recovering a fumble while losing 42-6 in the 4th quarter. You make a game winning turnover or a 63 yard Jim Brown-esque TD run, celebrate with your teammates. But show some class and professionalism. Keep your finger pointing and your high stepping and your choreographed 12 man rowboat celebration on your own sideline.

  6. Also, don’t hire prostitutes for college recruits. I hear that’s now in the “guide to becoming a head coach” handbook too. Bieniemy trying to coach up character is hilarious!

  7. Or, taunting penalties on a touchdown run, make it a spot of foul! Clyde’s TD run would have ended up on the 20 yard line! That would get their attention!

  8. That’s how Nick Chubb does it. You never see that guy doing any of that stuff. Class act.

  9. I agree with Bienemy, but the NFL has gone overboard with the stupid taunting penalties. CEH pointing at a player should not be a penalty or elicit a $10,000 fine. What a Joke.

  10. The kid over in Vegas likes to give the ball to the officials after scoring also. Well done mr. Jacobs !!!

  11. Guys have been celebrating for years. It’s only been the last few years they started allowing taunting. Now they’re thinking twice. A few guys end up ruining all the fun because they just can’t decipher good taste from bad taste. So, the 32 billionaires who own the league say not on my watch. Just play the darn game. That’s what coach is saying. Just play football.

  12. Kind of late in the season to be touting the basics to an overconfident, preening bunch of prima Donna’s.

  13. To bad agents tell players to make a show of it every play they make for “branding” on sportscenter. Gotta get those endorsements. Ridiculous

  14. What a novel idea !!!!!! Just act like you’ve been there before. “Showboating” is 2nd right behind atrocious officiating in things I don’t like about the NFL. Go back to the No Fun League and eliminate all the extracurricular BS. I miss the old days when players actually just went back to the huddle after a 3 yard gain instead of acting like they won the Super Bowl.

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