Gronk on Brady: He knows what I’m thinking before I even know what I’m thinking

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Rob Gronkowski has played his entire career with Tom Brady as his quarterback, first in New England and now in Tampa Bay, and he says Brady has such a feel for their chemistry that it’s like he’s a mind reader.

“Being together for so long . . . he claims when we’re throwing routes that he knows already what I’m thinking, before I even know what I’m thinking,” Gronkowski said on NFL Network. “So I’m like, if that’s the case, we don’t have to say a single word to each other, if he already knows what I’m thinking. But I really think he does sometimes.”

Gronkowski is 32 years old, the same age Brady was when the Patriots drafted the 20-year-old Gronk, and he’s amazed that Brady is still playing at a high level.

“I met him when he was 32 years old, when I was 20 years old, and he hasn’t had a single drop off since I’ve met him. He’s never lost the throwing power, he’s never lost his skills,” Gronk said. “This guy has it every single day, week in and week out, game in and game out. The way he’s playing, he’s never had a drop off in his career, since the day I met him.”

Gronkowski has already retired and un-retired once, and he’s likely closer to the end of his career than Brady is. But Gronk sounds like he wants to play with Brady as long as he can.

45 responses to “Gronk on Brady: He knows what I’m thinking before I even know what I’m thinking

  1. The way they portray Gronk on those commercials, I don’t think he’s doing a lot of thinking of his own.

  2. Gronk that is really very difficult….you are no rocket scientist. Good at tight end…full stop.

  3. Brady is an augur, channeller, clairvoyant, diviner, fortune-teller, haruspex, horoscopist, medium, mentalist, oracle, prophet, psychic, seer, soothsayer, telepathist, thought reader when it comes to Gronk! Keep it going to the next Bucs Super Bowl!

  4. I’m just here eagerly awaiting all the “Gronk is a neanderthal” comments.

  5. “He tells me he knows what I’m thinking before I’m even thinking it….so I’m like…if that’s the case, I don’t even have to think anymore…..awesome!”

  6. Closer to the end of his career than Brady is? I don’t know…that’s a stretch.

    Tom’s a great story and he’s proven me wrong about his longevity before. (I’m in good company.) I won’t bet against him any year, but I still believe the drop will be steep and swift, like it was for Peyton Manning.

    Manning was balling out in Denver one year, had a neck injury, and never was the same. It took one game.

    Another great that I’m familiar with: Joe Thomas, Cleveland’s great O-lineman. He played every offensive snap for…what…13 season? Never missed even a snap. Broke his ankle three seasons ago and retired. Couldn’t do it any more.

    Fr. Time always wins. I’m still betting on him.

  7. Gronk is funny. His humor is natural. He plays the same guy on those commercials. This guy can make a ton of money in TV. Either in Hollywood or doing commercials, or both. He’d be awesome playing some of those Arnold Schwarzenegger type roles. But he’s not joking about Brady. Brady can’t run the 40 yard dash all day, yet he’s still dominating. He also knows what the defense is going to do before they do. He knows how to move defenders into spots where he needs them to be. Montana was the same way, and Magic Johnson did it in basketball.

  8. Is that a Yogi-ism?

    To be honest, when Gronk is running a route he’s probably thinking about how much he loves baked ham…

  9. Guys, I can do that with Bill, too. Like right now he’s thinking about the mics in the visitors locker room.

  10. Gronk is what every football player should aspire to be. Charismatic, unpretentious, banking his salary, enjoying life and doing what he loves.

  11. root4cleveland says:
    December 2, 2021 at 8:35 am

    “Manning was balling out in Denver one year, had a neck injury, and never was the same. It took one game.”

    You realize Manning had his neck injury *prior* to joining the Broncos, right? And that he had three great seasons, not one, in Denver before he rapidly declined in 2015, right?

  12. Gronk is no buffoon. He’s a lot smarter than his act. In fact he’s a lot smarter than most of the players in the league, past and present, when it comes to the most important thing in his young life, setting himself up financially for his future by taking advantage of the money the NFL is paying him.

    I read a couple of years ago and I have no doubt he’s probably still doing it, that all that time he played for the Patriots he banked all his paychecks. He lived strictly off all of his endorsement money and money made from various business dealings. I’m sure Patriot fans would know a lot more about this than I do being closer to the situation, but I have read that more than once. He’s no fool. He likes to act like one at times and have fun.

  13. I love Gronk. Dude is just living his best life. He does what he does and always had a smile on his face. He plays the big oaf meanwhile he is a very shrewd businessman and has saved almost all his money from football which is incredible. You go Gronk. You be you.

  14. I love that Gronk has spun this perception that he’s a mindless, dumb caveman into what are likely massive endorsement deals and, by all accounts, just keeps tossing his money in the bank and living (very well, I’m sure) but well within his means. Good on him.

  15. Gronk.

    Wealthy from being the best ever at his position. Multiple SB rings and lock as a 1st ballot Hall of Famer whose living large on endoresments while allowing his paychecks to function, untouched, as the base of his wealth building investment portfolio.

    What a dummy! LOL

  16. So does Brady have to order Gronk’s lunch for him and cut up his chicken nuggets?

  17. I honestly wonder if his dumbness is all an act. It’s like this is how he wants everyone to remember him as, and it’s not really a bad thing. He is more intelligent than people think.

  18. Anyone who thinks Gronk is dumb must not be able to see behind the act.

    Gronk couldn’t be as good as he is if he were just a dumb jock. And he’s wise beyond his years with his money.

  19. Gronk have a very good football IQ, he couldn’t be Brady’s all time favourite target without it.

  20. GRONK is an icon. He’s making a ton of money in commercials, and is smart enough to invest his salary wisely enough to insure he and his family are set for life financially. How “dumb” is that? While he laughs all the way to the bank while perpetuating his “big dumb clown” persona all you guys dissing him only WISH you were half as rich and “smart” as Gronk. Best tight end ever coupled with the GOAT makes for a sweet combination for the Bucs. Hope they win it all again this year…. Go BUCS and Go MICHIGAN!!!

  21. Well, Gronk is not that difficult to figure out. I bet if I ask him, “think of a number”, I can guess which number he has in his head.

  22. Gronk is Adam Sandler of NFL. Adam Sandler made ton of dumb movies and still successful ($wise).

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