NFL has yet to vet vaccination cards of players who did not receive their shots at team facilities

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With the Buccaneers having three players who misrepresented their vaccination status, there’s a good chance that other players on other teams did the same thing. So what, if anything, has the NFL or the NFL Players Association done to explore the possibility that Antonio Brown et al. are the tip of the iceberg?

We posed that question earlier today to both the league and the union. The union has not yet responded. The league has.

According to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, 80 percent of all players were vaccinated at the club facilities. For them, there’s nothing to vet.

Of course, that leaves the other 20 percent. According to McCarthy, the NFL “checked with clubs this week to see if there was a differential between the number of positive cases among players vaccinated off site versus those on site.” He said there was “no difference.”

This means that the league has not yet vetted the cards submitted by the 20 percent of all players who received vaccinations away from the team facility. Instead, the league has asked the team whether the percentage of positive tests from players vaccinated at the facility is any different thank the percentage of positive tests from players vaccinated elsewhere. It isn’t, and that apparently is the end of it.

Obviously, that’s technically irrelevant to whether players are lying about their vaccination status. To know for sure, the cards need to be fully vetted.

And while it may be difficult to do, the league did it with Brown, Mike Edwards, and John Franklin III.

So, basically, there may be other unvaccinated players who are masquerading as vaccinated. Unless and until they stiff their live-in chefs, we won’t know whether that’s the case.

28 responses to “NFL has yet to vet vaccination cards of players who did not receive their shots at team facilities

  1. NFL fined clubs hundreds of thousands of dollars and stripped them of draft picks for violating covid protocols. Now the League is happy to keep their heads in the sand about it? If they don’t care, return the money and draft picks then.

  2. I hope you keep pushing this one, Florio. These guys were given a choice and they still chose this route. Spineless, gutless, and criminal.

  3. If you’re opposed to getting the vaccine for whatever reason, be a man and come out and say so instead of pretending that you’re vaccinated.

  4. So you’re telling me they suspended AB for three games simply because his chef blew him in??

    Wonder how many guys have fake vax cards yet paid their chef on time…

    Doesn’t seem fair, but then again this is Roger’s NFL

  5. antivaxxerssuck says:

    December 2, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    NFL fined clubs hundreds of thousands of dollars and stripped them of draft picks for violating covid protocols. Now the League is happy to keep their heads in the sand about it? If they don’t care, return the money and draft picks then
    Blatantly ignoring protocols is a lot different than appearing to follow protocols but possibly not be.

  6. It’s a federal offense to forge or obtain a fake vaccination card. Any chance los federales pay the Tampa 3 a visit?

  7. Lying about your status is not ‘taking a stand’ against anything. Its just being a slimeball.

  8. Don’t look now, but the NFL is finally getting things WRONG…. Gee, who’d of thought they’d do something like that???!!
    Color me SHOCKED!!!

  9. goes to show that in today’s world, perception means more than reality.
    be nice to your cook….

  10. Kinda funny that a billion-dollar league can’t even run a vaccine-confirmation program that verifies vax status for players and team employees/ coaches, etc…

    And they paid Goodell how many million this year?

  11. The NFL had better do a better job of vetting and verifying vax cards and jabs, otherwise others might do it for them. Like Congress…

  12. Roger Dodger and the NFL manage their vaccine-confirmation program even worse than they manage the refereeing of their games! Pathetic leadership, Chump couldn’t do as bad!

  13. For those wondering why the NFL was strict in 2020 and not in 2021…

    The NFL cared in 2020 because there appeared to be a non-zero percent chance of games being cancelled. Now that those concerns have subsided, the teams are asked to enforce the NFL rules.

  14. Anybody really surprised? People all across the world are faking vaccination status to travel or even move about their own cities in certain areas. We didn’t think some adults where many are entitled because they get paid millions to play a game wouldn’t try to skirt that rule?

    Of course the NFL doesn’t want to look into it, all’s good until you dive into it.

  15. The whole thing is they were never gonna check this type of stuff out without that chef that got ripped off by ab. Get this stuff done already so suspensions can be handed out.

  16. The league doesn’t want to know. Now that they’ve established the penalty, the last thing they want is a couple hundred players suspended in December and January. “Nothing to see here, folks.”

  17. This investigation of the Bucs was done jointly by the NFL and the NFLPA. I’m thinking neither wants this to blow up any further. Fans have COVID fatigue as it is, and the last thing they want is to have to think about it in relation to football. I’m not saying the fake cards aren’t a serious problem, but I get why both the League and the Union want to bury their heads in the sand.

    I wonder if the NFLPA told team union reps that they needed to quietly tell the locker rooms that if anybody had a fake card, he needed to fix that ASAP. Pull the card and follow unvaxxed protocols, or get the vaccine now. And maybe getting that done is part of the reason this investigation took so much longer than it needed to. They wanted to slow-walk the whole thing so that other teams had time to fix whatever fake vaccine card issues they had.

  18. There is a face-saving way for the NFL to fix this. All vaccinated players, real or fake vaccinated, are due to have booster shot, per CDC recommendation. Change the “rules” and make these shots must be administrated at NFL facilities.

  19. Not a surprise. With head injuries and now COVID the NFL puts up just enough of a facade of caring about health issues to be able to say it cares. Business comes first. Good for Florio for continuing to keep this topic open.

  20. Ahmmmm
    There’s a new & very dangerous variation of the virus out there right now that can greatly impact the team & cause all kinds of problems ….. The NFL OWES IT TO ITS FANS & PlLAYERS that did the right thing & actually did get vaccinated to LEGITIMATELY investigate & EXPOSE those players that have done as AB did & SUSPEND THEM for the remainder of the year without pay ( as should have been done with AB & the other 2 players that were caught) as well as teams getting fined & draft picks lost for looking the other way & not verifying the cards authenticity….. seriously, how hard can it be to have that done??!!

  21. I’m glad that this topic continues to come up. The NFL is more concerned about money coming in than it is about the spread of COVID, and who is/is not vaccinated. They need to clamp down on this, especially with a new variant making its way into the US. Just look at all of the cases and games missed from the month of November. What’s done is done, but going forward into the winter months, the risks of becoming infected are even higher. The league should do the policing, not the teams.

  22. The NFL is likely dragging its feet on verification to give those that do have fake cards an opportunity to actually get the shot. They have set a precedent with suspensions so they are likely trying to avoid a late season suspension explosion by letting it be known that they WILL BE VERIFYING… wink wink.

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