“Pads were popping” at Wednesday’s Steelers practice

NFL: AUG 07 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp
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There were a couple of suggestions from Steelers players about alterations to the team’s practice routines after last Sunday’s 41-10 loss to the Bengals, but wide receiver Chase Claypool‘s suggestion that the team play music early in their sessions was rejected by head coach Mike Tomlin.

Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick‘s suggestion that the team step up the intensity in practice got a warmer reception, however. Tomlin said that the team’s “attire” could change at Wednesday’s practice and the team did put on full pads for a session and defensive lineman Chris Wormley said it brought “a little more energy, it was more fast-paced” than their usual sessions.

Linebacker Joe Schobert agreed with Wormley about the differences on the field.

“A lot people were flying around and hitting,” Schobert said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “The pads were popping, so it was a good day of practice.”

The Steelers will have two more days of practice before facing the Ravens and Sunday’s result will determine whether the shift had the desired effect in Pittsburgh.

12 responses to ““Pads were popping” at Wednesday’s Steelers practice

  1. The entire Steelers mystique is built around rampant steroid abuse in the 1970s. They were the first to go heavy into PEDs well before most people even knew about them. The bulk of their championships were “won” this way.

  2. Desperation strikes.
    Tomlin looking for players’ suggestions on how to make his team perform.
    Where do you go after that?

  3. It’s not like practicing in full pads adds to injury. I see more injury now in the NFL than ever. I believe not practicing full makes players more vulnerable to injury at game time.

  4. The popping of pads might for one solitary day mask the soft empty thud of yet another incomplete pass.

  5. Ravens/Steelers is always close, no matter who plays.
    The Steelers surprise the Ravens and win.

  6. Lamar is going to be on a mission this week, after last weeks dud. I don’t think the Steelers are going to know what hit them.

  7. I’ll be in and out of this game because it’s on at the same time as my beloved WFT @ Raiders. Actually, that scheduling conflict may be the good news – it will mostly keep me away from three+ hours of yukking it up, bro talk, and name-dropping from this week’s doubleheader game announcers.

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