Russell Wilson: My resume shows I’m an “overcomer”

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team
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The Seahawks have lost a lot of games, more games already than they have lost in any season since 2011 when they went 7-9. Russell Wilson, though, has not lost confidence.

The Seahawks are 0-3 since the quarterback’s return from finger surgery. They have scored 28 total points in those three games.

Still, Wilson appeared in a good mood Thursday.

“My resume show that I’m an overcomer, and I’m going to keep being one. I have no doubt,” Wilson said. “I have tremendous confidence in who I am, where I am, what I’m going to be, how I’m going to be, how I’m going to get better every day at my craft.”

Wilson said he doesn’t care what anyone is saying about him or his team. He talked about having joy, passion and gratitude, giving him “tremendous hope great things are going to happen.”

“There’s always going to be adversity,” Wilson said. “There’s always adversity in this sport. There’s always adversity in professional sports in general, in life. So I think the dynamic of being able to balance success, balance challenges, balance tough games, tough moments, but also great ones. To be able to stay poised in the midst of it all and be thankful for it all, I think that’s one of the things that I really believe. It’s always been a goal for me and has always been a part of my perspective of life. The one thing I do know is that my resume shows that I’m an overcomer. My resume shows that I am an overcomer. The reality is that, for me, I know what’s going to happen.

“I know every time there’s adversity, there’s something great on the other side of it. So, for me, I always keep that great perspective of that and understand that with great languange, with great mentality, with great belief, and great attitude, and ultimately great habits, I think all that stuff is going to come to fruition and everything that you ever dream of. That’s what I’ve always believed, and that’s what’s always happened. I don’t believe any other way. So I think as a leader and as a person and as a guy who gets to lead this football team in the midst of everything that’s going on right now, the thing that I think about is joy. You can’t lose joy in the midst of this game, in the midst of everything that we’re doing. To bring joy to the game, to bring joy to the field, to bring passion — the mixture of joy and passion — and to be able to do that every day, gives you the best chance to be success, but also allows you to remember that this is a gift that we get to do.”

The scoreboard hasn’t delievered much joy for the Seahawks of late.

In the past three games, Wilson has completed 55.7 percent of his passes for 615 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. His passer rating in those three games is 73.2. Wilson led the league in passer rating before injuring his finger against the Rams.

He admitted Thursday that he’s missed some passes while trying too hard to “rip it.”

“I can throw it. I feel great. I feel great,” Wilson said. “I think at the end of the day, what I’m focused on is just playing the next play. That stuff’s gone, guys.”

The Seahawks’ playoff hopes also may be gone, but if they aren’t, Seattle will have to turn it around quickly for great things to happen for Wilson and his team this season.

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  1. Willson is overcomer alright..
    Season is Over!!
    Another team will soon be coming to get

  2. See how he put that? “My resume”? Not the team. Not the coaching staff. Him. This dude used to be touted as some super humble team first guy. I think some old LOB guys were the first to come out and say that he’s not the guy that he portrays himself to be. Ielieve they were right. The off-season subtle trade demand? The talk about his “legacy”. The guy is a selfish player no doubt. He’s not an MVP and never will be. He’s a one time champion on the back of his great defense. In reality he is a re-skinned Trent Dilfer with better stats. Difference between him and Dilfer aside from stats? Reality. The reality is he isn’t Rodgers or Brady. Heck he’s not even Roethlisberger. On top of that he’s falling behind some of the new guys. I wish nothing but the bottom for Wilson and the fake fair weather 12s.

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