Tony Pollard’s 58-yard touchdown run gives Cowboys 20-10 lead

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Tony Pollard had 6 yards on his first four carries. The Cowboys backup running back had a 58-yard touchdown on his fifth carry.

The Cowboys had 12 carries for 53 yards before Pollard’s explosive run. He broke free down the sideline and then outran Marcus Williams, who appeared to have the angle but waited too long while anticipating Pollard was going to cut back inside.

It was the longest run of Pollard’s career and the longest by a Cowboy since Alfred Morris’ 70-yard run against the Rams in 2017.

The Cowboys lead 20-10.

The Saints had closed the deficit to 13-10 on a 42-yard field goal by Brett Maher with 8:26 remaining in the third quarter.

Cowboys starting running back Ezekiel Elliott, who is nursing a bone bruise in his knee, has only 14 yards on seven carries. Receiver CeeDee Lamb has a 33-yard run that initially was ruled a reception.

4 responses to “Tony Pollard’s 58-yard touchdown run gives Cowboys 20-10 lead

  1. Man how bad is this Dallas run game? Zeke should be traded this off-season. You can tel he no longer runs hard and does his trade mark “feed me” act. He runs and falls down at first contact. He’s a diva who made his money and is toast. Give the ball to Pollard!! He’s shifty. He can catch. He needs the ball. Don’t get me started on Kellen Moore. Dude is pass heavy acting like he’s Kliff Kingsbury. Gotta have balance. Especially up by two scores and you’re still passing. Why not just run clock? Heck take a knee with that NO offense. Dallas is close to the worst 8-4 team I’ve ever seen. The bad part is McCarthy makes this team better… let that sink in.

  2. Zeke has turned morphed into just being a good power back, which is the inevitable end to all RBs.

  3. Quite a bit of praise being heaped on Pollard.

    He only needed Malik Turner to tackle Granderson in the backfield to turn what should have been a 5 yard loss into a 58 yd TD. He ended the night 7/71, TD when it should have been 7/8 0TD.

    The problem is Kellen Moore thinking that he has to go spread offense because Cooper, Lamb, and Gallup are all available. The team was better with Gallup grounded when they went with traditional 2WR sets. They used a FB. They ran for 200+ a game (and not boosted by screens and holding).

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