Urban Meyer wouldn’t mind having Jalen Ramsey on his side

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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Urban Meyer had no association with the Jaguars in 2019, but he followed football and watched as the team’s relationship with cornerback Jalen Ramsey deteriorated to the point that they traded Ramsey to the Rams.

Meyer’s remembrance of that deal came up when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday because the Jaguars are headed to Los Angeles to face Ramsey for the first time since the deal. Meyer praised Ramsey during his press conference and suggested that he would have tried to handle things differently a couple of years ago.

“I asked the question, you know that I would like to have him,” Meyer said, via John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. “When he left here, I was like I didn’t follow it that closely but ‘what in the world.’ I see what I see on videotape that’s he’s not one but 1A.”

The Jaguars have undergone major changes since Ramsey left the team and there aren’t a lot of his former teammates left on the roster, so this Sunday’s game won’t have the same resonance as some other reunions we’ve seen between players and their former teams. One of those came when the Rams faced the Lions after trading for Matthew Stafford this offseason. The Rams won that game and they need a win to snap a three-game winning streak this weekend regardless of any other window dressing involved with the game.

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  1. Someone should have told him about the draft, and how you just can’t go out and sign all the best players like he did in college. An important detail.

  2. And the first punch is thrown toward Trent Baalke. I’m surprised it took this long.

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