Amari Cooper says it was tough missing two games for Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper had two catches for 41 yards in his return to action after a two-game absence due to a case of COVID-19.

Cooper was unvaccinated and was required to miss 10 days, which ruled him out for both of the team’s previous two games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders.

Cooper told reporters after the game that the last two weeks had a been a bit rough for him and he believed he could have played if not for the league’s protocols.

“It was tough. [Michael] Jordan played with the flu. That’s how I looked at it,” Cooper said in quotes distributed by the Cowboys. “It was a restriction of not being able to play with what I had. It was tough, knowing that I could physically gone out there and played, but the restrictions didn’t allow me to do so.”

Considering Cooper was still “not feeling the best” earlier this week, his confidence in being able to play had the protocols had not been in place may have been rather optimistic.

Cooper was on a pitch count against the New Orleans Saints as he gets back into the flow of work after his absence.

“I knew I had between 20-25 plays, they told me before the game,” Cooper said. “They just wanted to ease me back into things, knowing I didn’t really practice, and knowing how COVID could affect the lungs and heart. They didn’t really know my conditioning. I didn’t really know my conditioning. I think that was the plan.”

Cooper will now get an additional 10 days before Dallas faces the Washington Football Team to further recover from his illness.

4 responses to “Amari Cooper says it was tough missing two games for Cowboys

  1. Sorry talented receiver but soft. When the going gets tough he
    disappears. Watch the big games like New England a few years
    ago. 50/50 ball and Gilmore just out toughs him.
    You can’t pay Cooper his big salary when other wide receivers like
    Gallup are as good or almost better than Cooper at much less money.
    If the Cowboys release Cooper and add a big threat at TE they are
    a better team with much less cap hit.
    Hopefully the front office will realize they made a decent trade but should have
    locked Cooper into a contract to acquire him. Instead it took two off seasons
    and way more money to sign him. That’s the NFL and cap management.

  2. I’m sorry but Cooper is NOT worth the Money they paid him. He disappears way too much and is way too inconsistent. If they can’t dump his contract on another team next year they should seriously consider moving on from him if they can save from a cap perspective. I’m assuming most of his guarantees have been paid out.

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