Bruce Arians on future of Antonio Brown, Mike Edwards: “Nothing has been decided”

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Maybe the Buccaneers will be releasing Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards, after all.

Coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Friday that “nothing has been decided” regarding the two players who have been suspended three games each for lying about their vaccination status, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

In October 2020, Arians said regarding the signing of Brown, “He screws up one time, he’s gone.”

For now, it’s clear that Arians, a three-time cancer survivor who tried to downplay this story two weeks ago by claiming it’s not a story, isn’t happy.

It pisses me off,” Arians said, via

If it pisses Arians off enough, he’ll cut them when their suspensions end. If it pisses him off enough, he won’t do a cost-benefit analysis based on how their replacements perform over the next three games before dumping Brown and/or Edwards.

Then again, it doesn’t hurt to let the players who’ll be getting the reps know that, if they play well enough, Brown and/or Edwards will be gone.

That’s the thing to always remember when considering “second chances” given to NFL players. Every player who gets a “second chance” takes away the first chance of someone who didn’t do something he shouldn’t have done.

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  1. And yet if he cuts AB, a playoffs-bound team will pick him up. Does anybody doubt that? Might be better to just not play him. I’m curious about one thing: has AB now gotten vaccinated for real? That might be relevant to Arians’s decision.

  2. Yeah, they will sure show him as he signs on with the Cowboys, Rams, or Packers.
    The Packers offense is run by a Covid rule breaker

    H’s a free agent next year. They can move on then.

  3. If he actually “decides” anything, it won’t be until he knows that nobody else on his team pulled the same garbage. I find it hard to believe that AB didn’t share his master plan with others, and that nobody else bought in to the stupidity.

  4. Think about the locker room and how kissed off his teammates are because quite a few of them begrudgingly took their jabs and this guy flat out lied about his vaccination. It shows the ultimate lack of respect for his teammates as he put people in harms way, hurt the team with his suspension and has caused a distraction from their ultimate goal to repeat as champs. I think Bruce should have a meeting and let the team decide brown’s fate.

  5. Okay, we now know how this ends Just taking time for the bean counters to determine how to minimize cap hit, and the legal team to claw back some of the compensation.

  6. They will make a decision after the season. Not now.

    Already Jordan Whitehead just pulled a muscle in practice and is out Sunday. The Bucs have injury issues all year at DB. They can’t afford to cut Edwards.

  7. Maybe this time, instead of paying the media lip service, Arians will actually cut Brown. Brady won’t like it, but what Brown did was pretty bad.

  8. I bet there are some pretty high profile players in the NFL that are pretty much crapping in their pants right now.

  9. Absolutely NOTHING of consequence happened to Rogers….yes this is a TAD different but basically the same potential damages….
    The LEAGUE is so haphazard in its decision making & punishments it’s nauseating….. Roger must be watching everything & anything Patriots related for some form of infraction so he can divert attention away from this REAL & CRIMINAL OFFENSE……

  10. IMO this is huge. The NFL arms have to be very tired trying to sweep this under the rug. Stupid they arent but afraid they must be that there are hundreds more just like AB they don’t want to know about.

  11. Apologies coach, but it has been decided… The only question is wether you “choose” personal and professional “integrity”, or disgusting “greed”. The journey you choose to traverse is the decision.

    Hemming and hawing is already taking a diminishing toll…

  12. I cant stand this blowhard coach. You need to cut this fool AB today and be done with him.

    Respectfully TB12

  13. Arians will let us know when and what Tom decides.

    Atleast he isn’t wearing that stupid hat anymore.

  14. Teams and fans alike would accept the devil incarnate if they believed he would give them a chance to win.

  15. There’s no way GB would sign him. Weren’t in on him 3 years ago or whenever he went to Vegas, aren’t now. Won’t be in the future.

  16. Of all the things Antonio Brown has done this is the least of his offenses. I have to laugh at Bruce putting on this Charade as though he is seriously considering releasing him. He wants to win and the Bucs’ Fans don’t give to Shakes of a rats Butt about this fake Covid Card. He’ll be on this team in 3 weeks, after he issues a sincere fake apology.

  17. “We have rules on this team that everyone must follow!” … except for this short list of players.

  18. AB Isn’t going anywhere. He’s too valuable offensive asset heading into the playoffs in a month.

  19. I thought Rodgers was the biggest turd but he has been topped. Of course, if the betting markets were setting odds, AB would have been the clear favorite to win Most Offensive Person award.

  20. Back then, Arians just want to show people he was a tough coach that signing Brown grudgingly was to please Brady. Later, he found out Brown can run near perfect route; so things changed. Just like NFL suspense indefinitely are never indefinitel.

  21. In the end it’ll be TB12’s decision, not Arians. So, Antonio’s not going anywhere.

  22. Anyone who forges documents or submits them as proof of their status should be banned from the sport for life. There are so many disgusting parts to using fraudulent documents that there can be nothing less than the most significant punishment possible. These guys could endangered others’ lives. Case closed. Throw the book at them.

  23. Wherever he goes, Brown manages to drag so many people into his corrupt way of living, despite all the chances that have been handed to him. And for him to outright lie about something so important just shows the man really doesn’t give a damn how his vaccination status could harm his own coach.

    No SB is worth this. He and every player should be thrown out of the NFL if caught carrying fake card.

  24. I’m an AB fan, but this was a serious screw up. There are questions about whether faking his vaccination status violated the law. Goodell should step in and infinitely suspend AB and the other guilty players. Every NFL team should be required to do the same check on vaccinations that TB just did. A message needs to be sent.

  25. Decisions about AB are pending input from Joe Rogan. He is the apparent authority on everything Covid for the NFL.

  26. Isn’t this incredible…..the NFL has caught the only 3 players out of 1700 that have a fake vac card? Hey NFL if you can rifle through emails to get a coach to resign, maybe with all you investigating powers you can “revalidate” all the other 1700 players to make sure they all are so trust worthy???

  27. Wow the Packers are being called the Covid friendly team that’s enough to make me puke !

  28. There are no questions if Brown broke the law as he most definitely did the FBI should
    be calling on him very soon .

  29. Antonio Brown should be brought up on charges. What he did is a federal offense. This guy is a scum bag from the word go. He made fools of the entire organization. Tampa needs to cut him. Last year Arians said “One strike and he’s out”. Let’s see if he’s true to his word. I kind of doubt that he is.

  30. Green Bay Packer wouldn’t sign him the town isn’t big enough for two lying Diva’s .

  31. It’s just disgusting that he has a ring. And don’t give me any of this he or Brady are rent free in my head, go look up this dude’s history, the details of the stuff he’s done, and try and justify why he’s allowed to be in the league.

  32. TB12 could lose the same stupid player, 2 different times, on 2 different teams for 2 different, stupid reasons.

  33. Has Brady’s vaccine card been checked? I mean it was his personal trainer who collected Browns card….

  34. Bruce says nothing has been decided. Whatever is decided will be decided by TB not by Bruce

  35. I would bet anyone everything I have, that at least 95% of the 20% of players allegedly vaccinated outside the teams facilities have fake cards!
    This is basic cheating and lying as well as putting others lives at risk, but the NFL don’t give a crap about it, Rogers did the same and only got a $1500 dollar fine… far as NFL is concerned cheating & lying is OK, the refs do it every week….stamping out taunting is the priority 😡 The Covid protocols are just for show, no substance to them!

  36. People don’t like deception or false documentation, especially if there’s no reason, be it legitimate or illegitimate, to do so. They just want to know your status concerning a communicable disease. Arians is concerned about the other teams, but those teams don’t spend 10 hours a day with you and your compromised immune system.

  37. Brown pleaded no contest to burglary and battery charges, settled a sexual assault claim against him, and was fired from the Pats for sending threatening texts to a woman, all in the last two years. Tom Brady and Bruce Arians STILL wanted him. They were willing to look the other way when he abused service workers and women. Will they continue to look the other way for that ring, or did Brown commit the ultimate, unforgivable sin; hurt Tom Brady’s feelings.

  38. Excuse me uninformed folks but what law did AB break? Inquiring minds want to know.

    There is no Federal laws regarding vaccination, you can or can not as you choose. A fake certification of a medical treatment is not a violation of the law UNLESS a licensed medical organization issued said false document. Then they are the ones who (maybe depending on the document and jurisdictional laws) broke the law not the recipient.

    The person who gave AB the card is guilty of forgery but use of the card by AB is not a crime because his usage of it didn’t involve an illegal act (see: vaccination NOT required by law).

    What AB IS guilt of is lying to his employer about meeting a condition of his employment. It is strictly a private matter between him and his employer as to what action\punishment is appropriate.

    Due to his talent I’m sure the Bucs will do nothing. As we all know nobody is equal and people with special talents are given a great deal more leeway than the rest of us.

    That being said, and I managed a lot of people in my time, if one of my employees had lied to me about something I thought was important, I don’t care how valuable he was, the only thing beating his ass to HR is my phone telling them he’s off my staff. If some other manager is stupid enough to hire that person he becomes their headache and I will so enjoy saying “I told you not to……”

  39. Not sure who is more anal retentive on this. Brown, Arians, or Florio. Any lawyer should know the league sets the rules and has not done well on COVID, or have they given the uniquness of all of this? There needs to be an even hand, and that doesn’t come from the Bucs HC. Where is Goodell? For the record, the punishment has been meted out.

  40. Bruce Arians is alll talk. Antonio Brown lied to him and lied to the team. If he had an ounce of character, he’d release him. But he doesn’t

  41. I hope Bruce doesn’t make a big fuss out of this otherwise Tom Brady is going to need to cut him.

  42. He’ll decide once he’s sure if they can win without him. If they lose 2 out of 3, you can bet BA will be just fine with AB. If they win 2 out of 3, BA will take a hard stance and cut him. This is a businesses above all else, a business measured by things like playoff appearances, playoff wins and super bowls. The record books don’t care.

  43. Sounds good. So spare me about Josh Gordon next time you hope he “gets another chance after getting the help he needs.”

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