T.J. Watt tests negative for COVID on Friday, setting the stage for a potential return on Sunday

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Giants
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Take heart, Steelers fans. You may have linebacker T.J. Watt for Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Per multiple sources, Watt tested negative for COVID on Friday. If he generates a second negative test at least 24 hours after today’s test, he will be able to return for Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Watt originally tested positive on Monday. By rule, a vaccinated player who generates a pair of negative tests at least 24 hours apart can return, with no minimum mandatory absence.

Watt would be the first player to return so quickly from a positive COVID test. Because, however, players are tested once per week, it’s possible that he became positive for the virus not long after generating a negative test the prior week. Thus, he may already be 10 or more days removed from first becoming positive with the virus.

Regardless, he’s one negative test away from playing against the Ravens on Sunday. And that’s very good news for the Steelers. It will be even better news if he tests negative on Saturday.