Taysom Hill: We did some things well, obviously tough to win with four interceptions

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints’ decision to turn to Taysom Hill at quarterback brought some explosiveness to the offense, but it ultimately wasn’t enough to keep them from their first five-game losing streak under head coach Sean Payton.

They had seven plays that went for at least 23 plays, which is only one less than they had in their last three games, and they put up the most yards they’ve gained since Jameis Winston was still their quarterback in Week Four. Those positives are a footnote to the game, however, and the downside of Hill’s performance is why that’s the case.

Hill threw four interceptions, including one that defensive tackle Carlos Watkins returned for a touchdown that put the game out of reach in the fourth quarter. It was part of a run of three interceptions in the final 15 minutes and too much for the Saints to overcome.

“You know, I’m not going to rush to any conclusions having not seen the tape or anything, but I feel like we did some things really well tonight, and then we did some things really poorly,” Hill said in his postgame press conference. “Obviously, it’s tough to win a game when you turn the ball over four times, and as soon as you look at the stats and you look at what we did, that’s obviously the thing that jumps out to you that’s disappointing. The drive at the end of the first half was disappointing, having the turnover there and not getting any points out of that drive. Then later taking a sack and not getting any points on that drive. You know, they’re just kind of freak things but that’s really what jumps out.”

Hill called the losing streak “unfamiliar territory” and more may be ahead for the quarterback. The Saints have made the playoffs in all of his four NFL seasons, but it’s looking like a major turnaround will be needed for the Saints to keep that four-year postseason streak alive.

9 responses to “Taysom Hill: We did some things well, obviously tough to win with four interceptions

  1. Those aren’t “freak things”, they are common occurrences in the sport of football and the entire reason we tune in every week.

  2. He had more INTS in one game than Winston had all season, smh..

    What is Paytons obsession with trying to make this guy a starting QB? He’s terrible. With above average QB play, Saints are a playoff team.

  3. Hill might not be the best QB, but he’s as tough as nails — refreshing in a world of divas — and DANG did he look fast!
    It was fun to watch him. Too bad the Cowboys won.

  4. Should have pulled him with that busted finger. He was not the best passer before they taped a splint on. Heck give Book a look at what he can do in live action.

  5. Taysom Hill: the finest emergency QB you’ll ever see but paid like he’s a quality full-time starter.

  6. The odd thing is that Taysom made two or three outstanding throws, along with a ton that were just flat out awful. My guess is that Payton knows what Taysom can and cannot do, there’s just enough that he can do to stretch over an entire game.

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