Antonio Brown’s former live-in chef now plans to sue over unpaid debt

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Steven Ruiz has gotten his pound of flesh. Now he wants his bag of cash.

Antonio Brown‘s former live-in chef, who blew the whistle on Brown having a fake vaccination card, tells that he plans to sue Brown for $10,000 in unpaid bills.

“The game plan now is to file a lawsuit and take it from there,” Ruiz told “People provide a service and you’ve got to pay for it. That’s it.”

Brown has a history of allegedly or actually not paying his bills. By not paying Ruiz, Brown opened the door to losing a lot more than $10,000.

“If he had just probably paid me, you know what?” Ruiz told “He probably would still be getting paid in the NFL right now. He’d probably be playing the games that he could be playing and none of this would have even happened.”

The three-game suspension will cost Brown $161,764 in salary, and $158,823 in per-game roster bonuses, if he had been available to play in any of the next three games. (Brown reportedly was targeting a Week 13 return from his ankle injury. That abruptly changed earlier this week, possibly because the Bucs knew that the suspension was coming.)

The Buccaneers also could be able to pursue more than $350,000 in prorated signing bonus payments, based on the fact that Brown will miss three games due to the suspension over submitting a fake vaccination card.

The suspension also complicates his ability to unlock incentives based on receptions ($333,333 for 50, another $333,333 for 70), yards ($333,333 for 600, another $333,333 for 800), and touchdowns ($333,333 for five, $333,333 for seven). He currently has 29 catches for 418 yards and four touchdowns, in five games.

So, yes, he should have just paid his bill to Ruiz. It also would have been wise to not submit a fake vaccination card.

20 responses to “Antonio Brown’s former live-in chef now plans to sue over unpaid debt

  1. Was anyone surprised by any of this? If I had to guess one player to pull this stunt he is it.

  2. The only thing I’m surprised about is that he lasted this long without incident since the last one…

  3. This guy is an embarrassment to the league, wait a sec, another deflection from Snyder – he’s perfect! Snyder should help him out with the 10K.

  4. AB is and always has been a moron. Problem with athletes like this that become instant millionaires after a NFL draft is they are too immature to handle that money and fame and feel above everyone else.
    This is definitely not the 1st time he elected to not pay for services rendered to him. Sorry but you just can’t fix or train for being stupid!!

  5. TLDR: Brown should’ve paid. Brown didn’t pay, cook tried to blackmail and failed, brown still paying though.

  6. 3 seems to be AB’s lucky number for bonuses. Good thing he was suspended for 3 games or something really bad might have happened.

  7. Over $600,000 worth of paychecks lost, plus perhaps another million in incentives. That’s one super size dose of Instant Karma!

  8. Someone posted yesterday and got it right: if he had just paid the chef the 10K it would have costs him a lot less then his three games missed without pay.
    On the other hand I read that most times the players dont pay these fines, there is a fund set up that pays all fines so the players dont really lose any money??????

  9. A Lannister always pays their debts for a reason. How does this guy keep finding people to work for him? Did he not learn from that female painter or the moving driver what happens when you don’t pay up?

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