Everson Griffen: I am bipolar, I will be an advocate for mental health

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Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen announced that he is bipolar in an Instagram post on Friday night.

Griffen was taken to a mental health facility last week after an incident at his house that began when he called 911 about an intruder in his house and said that he had fired a gun without injuring anyone. Griffen also made concerning posts on his social media accounts and refused to leave the house when law enforcement officers failed to find any signs of an intruder when they responded to his call.

Those officers worked with mental health professionals from the Vikings to get Griffen to eventually leave his house and get help. He wrote on Friday that he wants to be an advocate for mental health in the future.

“It’s true I am bipolar. I will embrace it and I will be an advocate for mental health,” Griffen wrote. “I been running from it a long time. I’m not ashamed of it anymore. It all started when my mother passed away. Went into a dark place, thought I was great for many years. I promise this time I will do everything the experts say and my wife. I love my family and I miss my friends. Thank you for all the love and support, but most of all thank you for all the prayers.”

Griffen was placed on the non-football illness list before the Vikings played the 49ers last Sunday and will be on it for two more games before becoming eligible to return to action.

26 responses to “Everson Griffen: I am bipolar, I will be an advocate for mental health

  1. Good for you, dude. All the best. It’s sad that our society puts people like this into a corner. Should not happen.

    Our society needs to wake up on numerous fronts.

  2. Rooting for you. I’m sure that was an extremely difficult thing to accept, but someone of your stature will hopefully make it easier for others suffering for similar things.

  3. Bipolar is often used as a joke by thr ignorant but it can be really serious, especially if have a manic episode.

    Happu for him that he can now talk about it.

  4. Bipolar disorder is a hard, hard thing to live with. Respect to him for still being here, period. Add in his budding mental health advocacy, and that’s truly amazing.

  5. This is a step in the right direction. But it’s time to face facts: Everson is a multimillionaire public figure athlete.

    He has access to heatltj and medical services us lowlanders could only imagine.

    Your average Sammy psycho or bi-polar Benny will get zero help from “advocacy”

  6. “Our society needs to wake up on numerous fronts.”

    Everything from a nutrition standpoint that could help these people is deemed to be bad for you by government. The main cause of mental health problems (wheat flour aka gluten) is deemed to be extremely healthy by government. Yet if you remove all grain based alcohol from the hood the crazy goes away overnight. If you take all the grain based food away as well you are going to see a renaissance among black men. Gluten is the mental health killer of all mental health killers.

  7. Takes balls to come out with something like this. Takes more balls to be willing to be an advocate for people. As someone going into law enforcement soon, it seems like these officers did a great job. Your job is to enforce the law but you also need to be an active supporter of the people in your community. They did their job well and got somebody help when they needed it

  8. Not easy to be so public with his type of profile so good on him. People get sick of mentally ill people after 15 minutes but they have to live with it 24/7/365.

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