Jalen Hurts could miss Sunday’s game at Jets

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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A couple of somewhat conflicting reports have emerged regarding the status of Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Derrick Gunn reports that Hurts, who has an ankle injury, won’t play. Adam Schefter of ESPN.com said that Hurts “very well may be out,” but that the team wants to check Hurts on Sunday before making any final decisions.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, indeed, a final decision has not yet been made, but that Hurts very well may not play. But there’s no reason for the Eagles to make that decision, if there’s any chance that he’s feeling good enough to go in the morning.

If Hurts doesn’t play, it’ll be Gardner Minshew under center for the 5-7 Eagles, who remain alive in the scramble for the seventh seed in the NFC.

16 responses to “Jalen Hurts could miss Sunday’s game at Jets

  1. Might as well put Minshew in. First, the jets run D has been terrible, so the Eagles can hand the ball off 3/4 of the time. Second, maybe Minshew is the guy.

  2. cookerduff123 says:
    December 4, 2021 at 7:51 pm
    Might as well put Minshew in. First, the jets run D has been terrible, so the Eagles can hand the ball off 3/4 of the time. Second, maybe Minshew is the guy.


    No he’s not but knowing that some people are looking for a reason for Minshew to be the guy should be enough for the Eagles to start Hurts if he is able to go.

    Win or lose, if Minshew plays this one game against the worst team in the NFL it will be compared to everything Hurts has done all season.

    I don’t know whether Hurts is the starting QB next year but Minshew shouldn’t be.

  3. This is more about evaluating Sirianis offense without Hurts. Which, since it’s against the Jets, will probably look great. Siriani was never an RPO guy etc but had to severely adjust his offense to fit Jalen. This is all about letting Nick cook.

  4. If the Eagles can’t beat the Jets, even without Hurts, then they don’t deserve to make the playoffs.

  5. This is a surprise development since Hurts said earlier this week he would definitely be playing. D Gunn is pretty dialed in, so the report is credible. Could be Stache time on Sunday in New Jersey. Philly practically invented the QB controversy, so here we go.

  6. Jalen has missed several games this year. Unfortunately for Eagle fans he was playing at the time.

  7. Hurts is a backup,not a starting NFL QB…this is the Eagles evaluation of Mindhew. Howie will trade Hurts in the off-season and draft yet another QB.

  8. Philly has enough running backs as it is so they’ll be fine without him. They can play their awful back up now that’s only talked about because of his mustache.

  9. If Hurts does not play, the Eagles running game may be in trouble. Howard is out, Scott may not play, and Sanders is nursing an ankle injury. Minshew can’t run nearly as well as Hurts, the Eagles only have two or three (including Gainwell) reliable receivers, and the Jets best feature is the’pass rush. Could be a close game, or worse yet, another Giants debacle.

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