College coaching pay sends “shock waves” through the NFL

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The proliferation of eight-figure college coaches will definitely have an impact on the NFL.

Via Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, recent contracts given out by schools like Michigan State, USC, and LSU sent shock waves through the NCAA — and “bigger shock waves” in the NFL.

Glazer predicts that NFL coaching salaries could double or triple in the next year or two. We recently reported that the top of the NFL market is expected to get to $25 million per year, soon.

Glazer also said that only a handful of NFL coaches are currently making more than $10 million per year.

It could be a handful with a few extra fingers. By our count, at least eight coaches currently are north of $10 million per year in total compensation, including the money they officially get and the extra cash that comes their way in orer to not blow the curve: Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Chiefs coach Andy Reid, Saints coach Sean Payton, Rams coach Sean McVay, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Of those, Belichick, Payton, and Carroll are believed to be north of $15 million annually. Belichick is believed to make the most, at more than $20 million.

Jaguars coach Urban Meyer possibly is at $10 million or more; however, the fact that no reports ever have surfaced regarding his compensation suggest that it’s nothing for Meyer or his agent to brag about. (Indeed, we reported before he took the job that he was looking for $12 million per year, which led to a clumsy effort to refute that.)

Other coaches could be entering the eight-figure club soon. Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury, Packers coach Matt LaFleur, Washington coach Ron Rivera, Bills coach Sean McDermott, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski, Titans coach Mike Vrabel, Dolphins coach Brian Flores, Colts coach Frank Reich, and even Bengals coach Zac Taylor seem to be potential candidates. (Taylor may have to go to a different team to get that much money, however.)

Regardless, the tide is rising for everyone. Even though the NFL possibly has tried to hold down the money that gets paid to most coaches, those days are likely coming to an end, thanks to the growth in coaching pay at the college level.

The fact that the TV money keeps skyrocketing and the gambling money keeps flowing makes it even more likely that the CEO of an NFL franchise will soon be making much more than ever before. Combined with the absence of a salary cap, a third of all coaches could be north of $25 million per year by the end of the decade.

11 responses to “College coaching pay sends “shock waves” through the NFL

  1. If Sean Payton is making north of $15 million, the Saints are getting ripped off. There getting ripped if it’s more than a million. He’s an overrated hack who is nothing without Drew Brees.

  2. I will be shocked if the Bengals pay a coach 10 million. They don’t even hire real full time scouts.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous…the guys that are in the trenches taking the punishment make squat by comparison.

  4. But but but Colleges couldn’t afford to pay players lol. This reveals they have been lying for 100 years

  5. Its estimated that the league generated $12.2 billion in ’19.

    Given that 31 of 32 teams are in private hands, the actual numbers are hard to uncover.

    Still, at that number, each team is pulling in an equal $350 million.

    Its clear the franchises can pay more for labor, be it on the field or the sidelines.

  6. minime says:
    December 5, 2021 at 1:46 pm
    Only NFL coach worth anything is belichick.

    37 92 Rate This


    And GM. Simply the greatest to ever do it.

  7. Considering the insane hours NFL head coaches put in and the insane amount of money the NFL generates, I would expect their salaries to be very high. Isn’t that how business works? These guys deserve it more than some do-nothing CEO who gets paid 10x what they do.

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