Dolphins beat Giants 20-9, extend winning streak to five games

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins looked like they were headed for a lost season when they lost seven straight games after a Week One win, but they’ve turned things around over the last five weeks.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw two touchdowns and the Dolphins kept the Giants from finding the end zone at all in a 20-9 home win on Sunday. The victory is their fifth in a row and they remain in the AFC playoff picture as they head into their bye week with a 6-7 record.

Tagovailoa has been very accurate throughout the winning streak and that remained the case on Sunday. He was 30-of-41 for 211 yards and that makes three straight games with a completition percentage north of 70 percent for the 2020 first-round pick.

Wide receiver Jaylen Waddle set a Dolphins rookie record when he caught his 85th pass of the season and finished the day with nine catches for 90 yards. He went to the locker room because of cramps, but returned to watch the end of the win from the sideline.

Tagovailoa’s accuracy didn’t result in too many offensive fireworks and the Dolphins were shut out in the first and third quarters, but it turned out to be more than enough on a day when the Dolphins defense stifled pretty much everything the Giants threw their way. First-round pick Jaelan Phillips had two more sacks and Xavien Howard had an interception as the usually lousy Giants offense took a step backward with Mike Glennon at quarterback in place of Daniel Jones.

Glennon was 23-of-43 for 187 yards and wasn’t helped by dropped passes or injuries that left the team thin at wide receiver, but it seems clear that the Giants are going to need to do more to fix their offense than firing offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. The 4-8 club has a trip to Los Angeles to face the Chargers on tap next weekend and a loss there will guarantee them a fifth-straight losing season.


19 responses to “Dolphins beat Giants 20-9, extend winning streak to five games

  1. Waddle and his 9.8 yards per reception….Awful… This offense cannot stretch the field.

  2. Barkley is toast. This tram needs a new running back, new quarterback, new coach and new GM! Could they ever pry Belicheck away from the Pats?!

  3. Miami’s offense is going to be ridiculous after they use that huge wad of cap space.

    If they can get Fuller back after the bye or after the Jets game, Miami can run the table.

  4. Joe Judge is so far over his head, he is wearing scuba gear. It is obvious he is not an NFL head coach. He should be fired before the end of the season. It’s a poorly coached team all around, and it starts with him.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to give Miami’s defense credit. Five game streak and they’ve smothered their opponents. Or is the tailcoat riding against bad teams only allowed for the Patriots?

  6. The offense cant stretch the field. How did that guy get so many dislikes? 30 completions for 211 yards. Im a huge Tua fan but that is not impressive by any stretch. It can beat the Jets and Giants but going against offensive juggernauts will leave this team behind. PFF says the Dolphins Oline is the worst team graded offensive line they have ever graded. Grier needs to fix it but Im not sure he has an eye for that at this point.

  7. The Dolphins are getting healthy and will be in the playoffs!

    Tua hater tears taste so yummy!

  8. Ugly, terrible, awful, tired, Disgusting loss by the sorry NY Giants. This is a fireable game by Judge, I thought he was a defensive guy from the Belichick tree? Yeah not so much.
    #Fire Judge tonight

  9. Pretty funny to read a comment about someone saying they wished the Pats played the Giants every week. Just goes to show you that you did not really look too close to the Patriot wins. They really did not beat that many “winning and playoff” teams themselves.
    Yes they are playing good football but let’s not forget Miami beat them week 1 and the season isn’t over so don’t count that next Lombardi just yet.

  10. The problem is the Dolphins are always in the playoff hunt and never in the playoffs.

  11. That week 1 Miami win was a gift. The Pats were methodically marching to the win and Harris fumbled inside the 10.

  12. quincyjwagstaff says:
    December 5, 2021 at 6:04 pm
    That week 1 Miami win was a gift. The Pats were methodically marching to the win and Harris fumbled inside the 10.


    A loss is a loss. Maybe participation trophy would make you feel better? Lol

  13. Tua still developing, looking better. The Giants are an NFL team, after all. For all the talk that they ONLY beat the Giants. Tua is still a kid. A hard worker that knows he has room to improve. Tua is far from a bust. That talk is over.

  14. If everyone knows the Dolphins are a short pass team, why can’t they stop it?

    But if you actually watch the games, Tua is adjusting to the fact on every single play, it will be muddy. Someone is gonna get through, and yet he is efficiently and accurately putting the ball into tight windows and high points for his receivers.

    This with a running game avg 3.4 yards a carry and WRs like Williams, Fuller and Parker can’t stay healthy. And Jesse Davis has no place in the NFL as a starting RT except in Miami. He’s just bad.

    Flores still gets zero pass on his early season woes and lack of development on the offensive line. Can’t dig a hole 7 games deep and expect to get away with it like 99.7% of the time.

  15. Man, those early season losses to the Raiders, Jaguars, and the Falcons hurt so much…. I like Flores, but you have to find a way to get this team ready to go out of the box. We can win out and still miss the playoffs. Just imagine if those L’s are W’s, the national media would be talking about the Fins with a very different tone. We could be leading the AFC with a 9-4 record… Missed opportunities!!!!

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