Joe Judge “encouraged” by Giants offensive performance

NFL: DEC 05 Giants at Dolphins
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Anyone who watched Sunday’s 20-9 Dolphins win over the Giants likely came up with words to describe the experience of watching the Giants pick up 250 yards and fail to score a touchdown, but encouraged probably wasn’t a popular choice.

It was the one that head coach Joe Judge came up with when he met with the media after the game. Judge said he was “encouraged” by what he saw from the Mike Glennon-led offense in the team’s second game since firing offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

“I saw a lot of players make a lot of big plays,” Judge said, via Zack Rosenblatt of

The Giants had two plays of 20 or more yards and, as mentioned, never scored a touchdown in Sunday’s loss. Glennon wound up being diagnosed with a concussion after the game and Daniel Jones‘ outlook is unclear due to a neck injury, which may mean Jake Fromm gets the chance to provide Judge with encouragement in Week 14.

11 responses to “Joe Judge “encouraged” by Giants offensive performance

  1. To be honest, the plays made were really plays that Miami gave you or had a simple breakdown. They did not outplay Miami D. Joe you are on some other planet

  2. I think he meant to say discouraged. No way he meant encouraged or they should just leave him in Miami to join Flores’ staff as a punt and field goal coordinator.

  3. The only thing that the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate fans can hope for is that their offense never takes the field again. You have to work to be as incompetently coached as they are. And to think the Clapper was fired and the offense has gotten worse. I’m enjoying this Karma payback.

  4. Giants offense plays like they only have a center up front – no guards or tackles – but the opposing defense still has 11 guys. There’s no other explanation for that many defenders in the backfield on every snap.

  5. The time out on about 3rd and 25 or so not to take a 5 yard delay of game did not lead to a lot of encouragement about the coaching staff.The sack after the time out followed by a delay of game was the icing on the cake.

  6. Just another example of the NFL needing to add a rule that an owner can and possibly should lose their right to ownership by pulling stunts these. Professional athletes should have a professional coach not a clueless equipment manager running the team. How is it that Joe Judge wasn’t fired at halftime. Giants organization is a disgrace to the NFL.

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