Josh Jacobs: I think we kind of just coast a little too much

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Raiders broke a three-game losing streak against the Cowboys last week, but they were back on the wrong side of the scoreboard with Sunday’s 17-15 loss to Washington.

Las Vegas finished with 310 total yards, but the club was only 2-of-8 on third down. And the team had just six points for three quarters, with running back Josh Jacobs getting the Raiders’ only touchdown with 10:57 left in the final period.

After the game, Jacobs had some criticism for his team’s offense as a whole when it comes to the club’s lack of execution.

“I think it’s a mindset,” Jacobs said, via Josh Dubow of the Associated Press. “I think we kind of just coast a little too much. It’s definitely frustrating.”

In the three-game losing streak, the Raiders scored 16, 14, and 13 points. They broke out of it with a 36-point performance against Dallas on Thanksgiving.

But at 6-6 with Kansas City on tap next week, the Raiders are going to have to score more points more consistently to claim one of the AFC’s seven playoff spots.

10 responses to “Josh Jacobs: I think we kind of just coast a little too much

  1. The Raiders have been coasting since Rich Gannon retired. Gruden’s dink and dunk play calling didn’t help matters. They lack a killer instinct.

  2. Anyone feeling like the raiders are kind of coasting guessing right. They coasted way too much with Carr checking down. When he hit Jacobs for a few yards Desean Jackson AND Zay Jones are streaking down the field open and the worst part of it was Carr had time to find them. Their season is all but over unless lightning strikes !!! Gotta play like they did on Thanksgiving or they are just coasting !!!

  3. Hopefully they’ll lose-out, get a fourth-place schedule next year, hire a respectable coach who will draft character players instead of criminals and the decades-long losing streak will finally come to an end.

  4. Jacobs has a big mouth. He pretty much blamed Gruden for the teams problems after he resigned. Now it’s something else. Josh, why don’t you start living up to your pre draft hype you overrated bum.

  5. As a fan of the Raiders for almost 50 years I’m sick of the team every week .They always let us down.

  6. He isn’t wrong. I can’t explain why they play so well one week and then suck the next. It’s like they all think that one or two wins is enough to compete in this league. They should put Mariota in there for the rest of the season, he always plays with a fire under his feet. Checkdown Carr can see what playing with passion looks like from the bench.

  7. He was the ONLY thing that was a semblance of value after the pivotal Mack trade that Raiders fans bragged about. Now look at you……you don’t even have home field advantage in Vegas, the other team has a better showing every game, lol. What a complete train wreck this team is!

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