Mike Zimmer says Adam Thielen has a sprained ankle

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen wasn’t around for the end of Sunday’s loss to the Lions because of an ankle injury and head coach Mike Zimmer offered an update on Thielen’s condition after the game.

Zimmer said that Thielen has been diagnosed with a sprained ankle. He didn’t get into details about whether it’s a high- or low-ankle sprain and how long the team expects to be without him.

Thielen was injured early in the first quarter and had one catch for no yards before the injury.

Sunday’s loss dropped the Vikings to 5-7 on the season and losing Thielen would be a blow to any hopes they have of moving into playoff position in the final weeks of the regular season.

16 responses to “Mike Zimmer says Adam Thielen has a sprained ankle

  1. And he’s day-to-day. His injury misdirection done, Zimmer is on to devising his next losing game plan.

  2. This guy had a “sprained ankle” and he didn’t return???? Let me just say this, Aaron Rodgers has a broken foot with a broken toe and this Cat hasn’t missed a play!
    It just shows how soft they are up in minny town……

  3. I don’t believe a word zimmer says about an injury. Example hunter has a tweet. Thielen’s foot probably fell off after the game and he would call it a sprain. Zimmer is oblivious.

  4. Who cares what zimmer says, he’s lost the team and the fanbase.. Go retire already and enjoy life Mike.

  5. Notice how quickly the worst bandwagon fan base in sports turns on their team.

    I like loyal fans.

  6. Thielen is the clown who does lame td celebrations when his team is losing by double digits. He couldn’t hold Jeffersons jock strap.

  7. Thielen will never complain about anything…….until he spots a cameraman, positions himself in the line of sight, then removes his helmet for emphasis. “It’s Show Time!”

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