Panthers part ways with Joe Brady

Washington Football Team v Carolina Panthers
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The bye literally has arrived for the Panthers.

On the lone week during the regular season featuring no Panthers game, the team has announced that it has parted ways with offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

“I met with Joe this morning and informed him that I have decided to make a change,” coach Matt Rhule said. “I’m very grateful to him for his time and effort in helping us get established over this past year and a half.”

Senior offensive assistant Jeff Nixon will replace Brady for the final five games of the season.

Brady arrived with much fanfare, hired as part of Rhule’s original staff. The Panthers have struggled offensively, however, with Brady’s offense not staying ahead of opposing defenses and/or its own tendencies and tells.

It’s also possible, if not likely, that Brady didn’t click with Cam Newton, whose return to the team has created excitement and ticket sales but two disappointing losses after an upset of the Cardinals. Last week, Newton performed poorly against the Dolphins.

Given that it took a full week for the change to happen suggests that there’s a lot more to the story. It also suggests that there’s a level of impatience in Charlotte — likely emanating from owner David Tepper — that could lead to other changes as he tries to turn his team into a consistent contender.

As one league source predicted on hearing the news, “Head coach next.”

Stay tuned. We’re only five weeks away from the end of the regular season.

20 responses to “Panthers part ways with Joe Brady

  1. He should have stayed at LSU . I’d expect him to go back to the Saints now.

  2. He hasn’t been good at his job. It’s telling that his offense has faded after the first quarter of the season both years. Defensive coordinators in the NFL are light years better than the flunkies in college save a handful of guys.

  3. I dont understand this one. Maybe something happened internally not known yet. Their offense last 2 years was 60+ McCaffrey. Hes hurt. They have any QB? seems that personnel might be part of the real issue

  4. His offense to work requires a good talented QB something the clueless Panthers never had .

  5. He relied too much on McCaffrey and was lost when McCaffrey wasn’t in the lineup. Too predictable. Lots of speedy offensive skill players that weren’t being used.

  6. If a decent college job opens up unexpectedly, Rhule will jump ship. Maybe Brady ends up back at LSU with Brian Kelly.

  7. He flew too high too fast. Most people take years to get that job.

    The ownership was also stupid like the division has not seen all the saints plays he showed up with. I would bet he was also more of a teddy guy than the nonsense they have done after they canned him

  8. Great move, it worked so well with the Giants. Have you seen how they have lit up the scorenpard after they fire their OC?

  9. I don’t care how good your skill position guys are if your O-Line can’t block then this is what you get. I think this is a short-sighted move by a coach and owner who wanted to establish a “Steelers” like winning culture.

    Tepper now looks like he’s trying to establish the WFT south.

    He should have never let Rivera go.

  10. And this will fix a long list of nada. Play calling ain’t the problem…
    Cut Cam.
    Sign Bridgewater.
    Sign Darnold.
    Cut Bridgewater.
    Cut Grier.
    Sign Cam.
    Try out Testeverde.

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