Report: Seahawks owner Jody Allen is “very involved” and “not happy” with team’s performance

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Seahawks owner Jody Allen has kept a low profile since inheriting the team from her brother, Paul Allen, three years ago. But just because she isn’t speaking publicly doesn’t mean she accepts her team’s 3-8 record.

Jody Allen is “very involved” and “not happy” with how the team is performing, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

The report also says Allen views the problems in Seattle as bigger than just a one-year blip for a team that went 12-4 last year and has had nine consecutive winning seasons.

If that’s how she sees it, she’s right: The Seahawks don’t have a first-round pick next year because they traded away what may be a Top 5 pick in the 2022 NFL draft as part of the Jamal Adams deal. And although the Seahawks do have a franchise quarterback in place in Russell Wilson, it’s not clear whether Wilson will stick around amid talk that he’s unhappy and wants to go elsewhere.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is under contract through 2025, and even though he turned 70 this season, he has shown no indications that he wants to leave any time soon. But Allen sounds like an owner who is planning to make some changes.

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  1. It’s time for Carroll and Schneider to go. They had 2 really great drafts in 2011 and 2012 plus the trade for Marshawn Lynch. Scouting has been subpar and the team has no depth. The trade for Adams occurred because of failed picks in the secondary. We were not one player away from a Super Bowl and it has back fired to the point where it has shown major roster holes. TBH the Seahawks were never the same after the Super Bowl XLIX loss and it created a riff in the locker room which never really got fixed. The team was basically stuck in purgatory making the playoffs every year without a deep run. A reset is needed and I hope they both get fired and the rebuild gets underway sooner rather than later.

  2. Therein lies the problem, when a owner becomes “very involved” to solve a problem, but actually becomes the real problem for the team. Also, something is up with Wilson. He’s not all together this season. We may have seen his peak performance.

  3. Time to start over, trade Wilson as he wants out anyway and you get back your number one picks and more, Pete needs to be shown the door, his way is over in the NFL and he won’t budge. There is nothing wrong with starting over. The owner can do anything she wants, she’s the owner.

  4. The Seahawks should try to snag Mike Tomlin in the off-season. Honestly, I think it would benefit all parties in the long run. I’m not a “fire Tomlin” guy but the Steelers are not a few players away from being competitive. People often criticize Tomlin’s in-game decision making but his teams are always motivated. He’d immediately light a fire under Seattle.

  5. Right, let’s not give Pete a pass after not having a losing season since 2011. Let’s not put any blame on the QB that tries to meddle in personnel moves and openly complains about his own offensive line.

    Let’s not put any blame on Wilson who saw his rating drop from 117.1 in the first half of last year to 91.3 in the second half of last year. Wilson has an 88.2 QB Rating and 6/3 TD/Int ratio over his last 6 games, half of which were prior to the injury. The team did better with Smith against NO and PIT than they did against MIN and WAS with Wilson.

    Now I am not saying Wilson isn’t a great QB, but doesn’t he deserve SOME blame considering what they are paying him.

    Carroll was hasn’t drafted great recently and that trade for Adams was one of the worst deals I can think of other than the Hopkins trade, but Carroll has been running football ops in the Seattle for 10+ years and has been successful. They really want to boot the guy after one bad season? He’s almost 70 how many more does he have, and who are you going to get that is better?

  6. If Jody Allen is involved you know its going to end badly. And it will be glorious.

  7. My proposal:

    Eagles get – Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, 4th rd pick
    Seahawks get – Jalen Hurts, Andre Dillard, Miles Sanders, two 2022 #1s, 2023 #2

  8. It’s not their year. You suck long enough, you get easier games and draft higher. It would be nice if they had a 1st pick next year but a lot of things would be nice. When would you have ever foreseen Cincinnati coming back to being a fiercely regarded team? L.A. has also bet 1st picks to live in the now with Ramsey and Miller. Analogous to Adam’s and Sheldon Richardson. As Arian’s says: no risk it no biscuit. And my dad says: you can’t be afraid to suck. Taylor, Barton and Metcalf were good picks. If they would have had Carson they probably would have beat a few more teams. They do need a more dominant set of tackles and center but so do most teams.

  9. I think they trade Wilson and keep Carroll. Got to believe there is one team that is desperate enough to pay three 1’s and some more. Also could you imagine them getting Rodgers to throw to Metcalf and Lockett?

  10. Seattle had a legendary draft run from 2010-2012 that would make even Jimmy Johnson envious. Hitting on Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Max Unger, Walter Thurmond, Russel Okung, Golden Tate, Byron Maxwell, Malcolm Smith, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, and Richard Sherman was a rare occurrence. Since those drafts, they haven’t been able to replace those players because some are irreplaceable like Kam Chancellor. Kam and Steve Atwater hang out to debate if the hit on Okoye or Davis was better.

    A number of failed experiments like Percy Harvin Jimmy Graham, and potentially Jamal Adams might mean it’s time to trade Wilson and hit reset. 40 million buys alot of quality players and we’ve seen from the Patriots this year.

  11. I don’t quite get all of the gloom and doom. Most other franchises would be glad to have the record that the Seahawks have over the last 10 years. They won the division in 5 of those 10 years, went to the Superbowl twice, and one one of those Super Bowls.

    The league average is to go to a Superbowl ONCE every 16 years and win a Superbowl once every 32 years.

  12. Pete Carroll is definitely not the Seahawks problem. They’ve drafted poorly but that’s on the GM. The owner needs to be patient and look at the positive of winning consistently for the 10 past years.

  13. Good grief people. Give it a rest. Seahawks management made a conscious decision to NOT put any money into the O line after the post-superbowl exodus/cash-in of free agents. Failing to replace those guys with others of equal caliber is the beginning and end of the Seahawk problems. It has just finally caught up with them. Wilson heroics and and a couple of overachievers on D kept Seahawks in the playoff mix for a while. But sooner or later the lack of any cohesion on the O line was going to rear its ugly head. That’s where we are. There’s nothing wrong with this team that spending a little money to trade up into the draft for some competent O linemen won’t fix, and in a couple of years the Seahawks would be competitive again. Every great team in the NFL has managed to keep its coaching and management team together through tough times like this. Yes it was a bone-headed personnel management failure, much worse than the Adams trade; but as long as Schneider and Caroll recognize that ignoring the O line several years ago was a big mistake, and commit to correcting that, let’s let them go to work in the offseason and hold fast as the most reliable fans in the league.

  14. The problem is not Carroll, it’s the roster. The Seahawks have been on a steady decline since the legion of boom era and now the cracks are really starting to show. Russ is a great QB when healthy, but let’s be real he’s 33 and not getting any younger. The NFL is a business and a Seattle rebuild is imminent. Trade him this off season for a few first rounders while you can.

  15. Owners “getting involved” is never a good thing. Cleveland, Detroit, Jets (and many others) aren’t bad franchises because they’re cursed, it’s because ownership has meddled too much.

    And, let’s face it, most fans are fickle and stupid. They call for the heads of the HC or QB without thinking about what it’s like to start over. The Seahawks won’t easily replace Wilson if they trade him. Finding a reliable franchise QB is extremely difficult, and the organization has to maintain a decent team during that search or else you get the Jags or Jets, for example.

    If it was easy then every backup QB would step in and win consistently when they’re needed, but that’s not even close to how it works.

  16. Pete Carroll is definitely not the Seahawks problem. They’ve drafted poorly but that’s on the GM.

    The problem with that is, Carroll is the one with bottom line say in personnel.

    The Adams trade is a perfect example of it. There is NO CHANCE John Schneider would have made that deal. Carroll wanted a Kam Chancellor type. He thought Adams was it. He paid an absurd price for him. Thats not what the Packers school guys do.

    They have drafted poorly, I don’t disagree. But thats one of many issues.

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