Robert Saleh: This was “by far” Zach Wilson’s best game playing in the scheme

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets
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The Jets lost to the Eagles 33-18 on Sunday, but head coach Robert Saleh found something positive to take away from the game in rookie quarterback Zach Wilson‘s performance.

Wilson led the Jets on three touchdown drives to open the game and finished the first half 12-of-14 for 108 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for a touchdown on a sneak and the team’s offense looked as good as it has at any point this season. The second half didn’t bring the same kind of success and Wilson threw an interception, but Saleh still said that he thought it was the top performance of Wilson’s brief NFL career.

“His footwork was awesome, his eyes and tempo and playing within the scheme, not trying to overanalyze or make defenses pay,” Saleh said, via “I thought this was by far his best game working progression and playing in the scheme. I wish we could have kept him in rhythm in the second half because it looked like he was going to have an explosive game.”

Wilson said he thought there were “definitely improvements” and continued progress for the first-round pick over the final weeks of the season will be reason to feel better about what the future holds for the Jets.

8 responses to “Robert Saleh: This was “by far” Zach Wilson’s best game playing in the scheme

  1. Because I was traveling I “had” to watch this game. It was the only one on. It appears the Eagles played a very soft zone for the first 4 drives which allowed Wilson to sit back and make very easy throws. When they went to man, he had no idea where to go with the ball and his throws were awful. Many times no where near catchable. If this was his best game the Jets are worse off than I thought.

  2. Wilson did look pretty sharp for the most part. But how can you ever tell if he’s good or not when he plays for the Jets?

  3. The Jets are horrible. Their punter can’t punt ,their kicker can’t kick and their defense can’t tackle ,cover or get pressure on the QB. The Mets owner should buy them.

  4. Anything Saleh says that doesn’t get him a fine for how bad the officiating was in this game towards the Jets is a miracle. I’m an eagles fan and will be for the rest of my life. However, the jets had several legislate reasons for feeling wronged in this game. It was crazy how awfully one sided the officiating truly was.

  5. I think Wilson looked better because his first read Elijah Moore is better than his previous first read Corey Davis..the line gave him a ton of time..still early in his career

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