Uncalled defensive pass interference riles up Raiders, Cowboys fans

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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Ten days ago, a flagfest at AT&T Stadium between the Raiders and Cowboys resulted in four defensive pass interference calls against Dallas defensive back Anthony Brown, prompting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to decry “throw up ball.”

On Sunday, the Raiders tried to play “throw up ball” with the game on the line. This time, the officials weren’t throwing down a flag.

They should have. Washington cornerback Bobby McCain PULLED THE JERSEY of Raiders receiver Zay Jones, who had gotten behind McCain and had a shot at a touchdown. And it wasn’t a Hail Mary scenario, which supposedly triggers different interference rules — even though the rulebook makes no distinction. It was one guy running down the field, tracking the ball and being impeded by someone PULLING HIS JERSEY. (Did we mention that someone PULLED THE JERSEY of Zay Jones?)

It should have been a foul. It would have changed the game, giving the Raiders a chance to kick the potential game-winning field goal with the ball snapped from the 17.

Referee Adrian Hill was not made available to a pool reporter after the game to explain the non-call. Every referee should be available after every game, just like coaches and players are.

The end result is that the Raiders and their fans are justifiably miffed. Ditto the Cowboys and their fans, who surely would have liked to see Washington fall three games behind Dallas with five to play — especially since Washington and Dallas play each other twice.

31 responses to “Uncalled defensive pass interference riles up Raiders, Cowboys fans

  1. The Raiders got out-played by Taylor Heinicke and WFT. That’s why WFT one. But the Raiders will still blame the officiating for their loss.

  2. You can probably tell that the NFL has told the refs that they do not want a repeat of that Thanksgiving game.

  3. I disagree, receivers arms weren’t interfered with and he had a chance to catch it and failed. Didn’t look like he pulled hard enough to change the play.

  4. Wasn’t pi. He had the Jersey but didn’t “pull” or affect his ability to catch the ball.

  5. Every incomplete pass play nowadays, the wide receiver expects a flag to bail them out.

  6. Perhaps you missed the OBVIOUS Raider receiver pushing for separation on that very same play. I’m so sick of your one-sided and dishonest portrayal of what happens in games. It was even noted by those calling the game that both were hand-checking and that the Washington player actually looked back – something that the Cowpie defender repeatedly failed to do.

  7. Hmmm. Raider’s fans have nothing to complain about when they were gifted a win when Vegas flat out tackled Will Fuller in the endzone at the end of the Raiders Dolphins game a couple of months ago without a flag being thrown…..what comes around goes around…

  8. The reason it wasn’t PI was because the defender turned his head around to find the ball. In the Raiders/Cowboys game especially in OT the Cowboys defender never turned his head around to find the ball. You don’t turn your head the official will throw the flag more than not. It’s not rocket science folks.

  9. Or how about when Ngakoue went straight at Logan Thomas’s knee with no flags being thrown?

  10. Pulling a player’s jersey while the ball is in the air is PI. Pulling a player’s jersey before the ball is in the air is defensive holding.

    The end.

  11. People seem to be forgetting that it isn’t interference (or a hold) if it doesn’t actually pull the receiver/impede his efforts to catch the ball. The CB had the jersey, but just the jersey; the receiver’s movement looked plenty smooth and the ball dropped right in on him. *Could* the ref still have thrown a flag? Sure…but that would have been pretty lousy, in this case.

  12. I missed the part where he actually pulled the jersey. He had ahold of the jersey, but there was by no means enough pulling force to remotely affect the play. You have to let these players play.

  13. No refs should not have to face questions like why you missed this call. It won’t provide anything meaningful. Missed calls are and always have been part of the game.

  14. It had no impact whatsoever on the receiver. It’s not like he tugged the jersey and impeded his progress. He was literally tracking the guy while looking back for the ball. Your hate for the Washington team is always so obvious.

  15. It depends on who is officiating. If they had gotten the crew from Thanksgiving, it probably would’ve been called. It goes to show there is no consistency with officiating as it’s subjective.

  16. Can we keep things in perspective? If the raiders can’t beat the WFT, are they even relevant? I mean, they’re hoping for 1 call, and expect us all to ignore the other 40 that they didn’t make?

  17. That’s exactly the kind of incidental contact that SHOULDN’T be called as pass interference.

  18. Looked like to me that’s what the Raider’s and Carr were hoping for.. to be bailed out. The defender was smart enough to look back for the ball and that made it a NON call. Raider fans are just upset as they watched their team blow another game with their poor play. But yes they are getting a rep for just throwing it up there and hoping for a flag to help them move their O. I don’t believe that Carr is anything other then the bus driver… the game against the Cowboys was his “Super Bowl” for the year… he was a lucky recipient of a DB that had an awful game and that was basically their entire game plan to just ‘throw it up’ and in this case it just happen to work.

  19. The refs aren’t doing anything different. They’re the best in the world. That hasn’t changed. What’s changed is the video replays we get to see on TV have gotten better and better every year. That’s why we see all the mistakes. The million dollar question is why don’t the refs get to see the same video replays we get to see. So, I wouldn’t keep complaining about the refs. The problem is the league. As long as we keep focusing on the refs, the league thinks we’re dumb, and they won’t change anything. They want to manipulate which teams get into the playoffs. It’s worth tons of money to them. I have no problem with the league making money. But if you want better refs, they don’t exist. They just don’t get to see the same video we get to see, and that’s beyond insanity. Why don’t they? Isn’t that the question everyone should be asking? Especially considering they can do it without any delays.

  20. Someone should be embarrassed of the mockery they make of themselves. Dan snyder doesn’t hold exclusive rights to being a clown

  21. Listen to all of the WFT fans try to explain that ridiculous call. That was not even the bad call in this game. The roughing the passer call in the first half was a joke. Both TD drives from Washington came from being extended by bad calls. I personally do not care for the Raiders or WFT but WFT did not actually earn this one. If was given to them. Facts or Facts no matter how much of a homer you want to be.

  22. The only thing worse than all the penalties that are called are the people who want more penalties. All the flags make it almost unwatchable.

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