Zac Taylor blames himself for “horrific” mistakes on botched two-point conversion

NFL: NOV 28 Steelers at Bengals
Getty Images

Bengals coach Zac Taylor blamed himself after today’s loss to the Chargers for a bizarre sequence before a missed extra point.

After a Bengals touchdown, Taylor wanted to go for two. To ensure he had the proper personnel and the right play called, he called timeout. And then the offense got flagged for delay of game. After the five-yard penalty, Taylor decided to kick the extra point. And it missed.

“Horrific by me,” Taylor said. “Horrific. Horrific. We were going for two and so we were a little slow making sure we had the right personnel grouping on the field. So it was horrific management of a situation by me twice coming out of a timeout. We ended up having to take a delay of game, and ended up missing the extra point on top of it. That was all on me.”

Everything about the sequence was a mess, but a delay of game penalty after a timeout is particularly inexcusable. And Taylor is right: It falls on the head coach.

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