Jonathan Allen: Taylor Heinicke keeps showing why he needs to be our quarterback

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke threw a bad interception with seven minutes left in Sunday’s game in Las Vegas and the Raiders used that turnover to set up a go-ahead field goal with just over two minutes left in regulation.

Heinicke’s mistake would quickly become a sidebar to the main story of the game. Heinicke completed 4-of-5 passes for 37 yards to move Washington in position for a 48-yard field goal attempt for Brian Johnson. Johnson made the kick, which made for a nice introduction to the team and a fourth-straight win for a team that continues to look like a playoff contender with Heinicke running the offense.

That wasn’t the way Washington drew things up in the offseason, but defensive lineman Jonathan Allen said that it’s the way things need to be.

“You know, it wasn’t perfect,” Allen said, via “We have a lot of mistakes to clean up, but damn when you do something like that, that’s special. I mean, Heinicke, what can you say about him. He just keeps on showing why he needs to be our quarterback.”

Washington will play NFC East opponents in their final five games of the season and the belief they have in Heinicke is a boost to their chances of navigating that stretch well enough to keep playing beyond Week 18.

10 responses to “Jonathan Allen: Taylor Heinicke keeps showing why he needs to be our quarterback

  1. If MVP were a real Most Valuable Player instead of just about the narrative, then a guy who was forced to step into the starting QB role week 1 and has willed ways for his team to win should at least be in the conversation.

  2. If the Raiders DB doesn’t drop the easy pick on the last drive, everyone is singing a different tune.

  3. Some guys just have “IT.” He’s not the most talented, nor has the sexy background, but he competes every play as if he won’t have another. That makes a difference.

    He reminds me of Fitzmagic.

  4. I don’t know if that interception was bad. His arm got hit which dramatically altered the path of the ball. But I mean what do I know, just watched the replay.

    Now the almost int made me pucker. I really enjoy watching him play. That scramble where he got away was pretty amazing. Kinda wish it was a completion.

  5. It’s a tough matchup next Sunday with the Cowboys, but being at home will help… LET’S GO WASHINGTON!! HTTR!!

  6. The INT looked really bad, but his arm did get hit just prior to releasing the ball. It had a huge affect on the throw. He will never be a top-5 QB, but he is definitely top-16 IMO. He seems to have the “it” factor.

  7. He’s a baller, and he’s going to keep coming at you with all the confidence of the world and every ounce of game he’s got on every damn play.

    Reminds me a bit of Flutie. Never say die, hard to kill, and ball out to the last second.

    That type of football player is fun to watch and easy to root for.

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