Matt Rhule on Joe Brady firing: I feel like we can be better on offense

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Panthers head coach Matt Rhule met with the media on Monday afternoon and his decision to fire offensive coordinator Joe Brady was the main topic of conversation.

The move was announced just after the early slate of games kicked off on Sunday and Rhule said he planned to fire Brady on Saturday, but Brady wasn’t available to meet with him until Sunday. He thanked Brady for the work that he’s done, but said that he feels the Panthers “can be better on offense” and that relieving Brady of his duties was a move they needed to make in order for that to happen.

“He’s done a lot to get us moving in the right direction, but this was something that I felt like, from a football perspective, we needed to do now,” Rhule said.

Rhule stressed that the offensive issues aren’t about one person and “it would be easy to fix” if there was just one specific thing that was wrong with the unit. Senior offensive assistant/running backs coach Jeff Nixon will take over as the offensive play caller and Rhule said the focus is on this week rather than on whether Nixon will be the coordinator in 2022.

Given the trajectory of the Panthers season, it’s probably not a sure thing that Rhule will be making that or any other call for 2022.

26 responses to “Matt Rhule on Joe Brady firing: I feel like we can be better on offense

  1. With Christian McCaffrey out and Cam Newton installed behind center I don’t know that Carolina has enough firepower to run an effective offense, regardless of who the coordinator is.
    That said, I think Greg, Peter or Bobby Brady could have done just as good a job as Joe did.
    Not sure why they waited a week to make the move. Since the Panthers were on a bye it seems Jeff Nixon could have benefitted from an extra week of preparation knowing he would be in charge.

  2. The OC is also a convenient scapegoat. It’s not like Brady was operating in a bubble and Rhule had no say in how the offense was being run. This was an “appease the owner with a sacrifice” move, just like the Giants Garrett.

    Again – if the head coach is unhappy with one aspect of his team, it’s not like he has no say. The OC works for him. It’s just an empty gesture to make it look like “things are being done”.

  3. And Carolina fired a great HC in Rivera to make this guy one of the highest paid coaches in league history while no other team was interested. Incredible.

  4. What worked at LSU will never work in the NFL… Teddy Bridgewater was right with what he said about the Panthers’ offense. The Miami game plan was a joke there was no creative routes with the WRs just plain easy-to-read routes that didn’t take the defense long to figure out. I’ve seen high school offenses that were more complicated than Brady’s game plan.

  5. The problem is that McCaffrey is such a big part of their offense. Without him that offense has nothing. Having an NFL-caliber QB would help too.

    Since he fired Brady does that mean the offense will get better or worse? Something tells me if it doesn’t improve then Rhule will be looking for a job in a few weeks.

  6. The real question is will Rhule join Brady, who is likely to quickly become an analysts for Saban and his rehab program for fired coaches, next year when he gets canned on black Monday.

  7. Pretty sure that Brady had one of the best college team ever assembled during LSU’s Championship team. They were so talented across the board that most teams could not keep the games close. The talent level between NFL teams is not that great. So what worked for a superior college team does not work with an average NFL team.

  8. There has to be more to this story… with the timing, the situation with the injuries, etc; just doesn’t make sense. I’m guessing Brady was angling for a college HC gig during the bye week when he should have been focused on the Panthers.

  9. This is like canning the fireman because his hose had no water because the lines were frozen. This man got jobbed. His best days are down the road. He can make more $$$,$$$,$$$.00 going back to a college team right now the way that market is exploding. He could go to (fill in the blank)
    State for huge $. I wish him only the best. Nice to see his head coach stab him in the back as he walked the plank. How will he sleep at night. I guess it was cheaper to fire him then the head coach who’s day is coming.

  10. Just a terrible head coach, full of himself and needs to go back to the college level.

  11. Move MCM while he still have value. Do the rebuild right. Any rebuild & they’re just wasting his prime years. Get picks & just do it from the studs up. As for Brady, it was a decent thing to do to part with him now so that he can catch on in a college job.

  12. Joe Brady was fired because he knew it wasn’t working out in Carolina and he was asking around about college openings. Rhule got wind of it and canned him

  13. Before there was Lincoln Riley, before there was Brian Kelly, there was Matt Rhule, bailing on two consecutive programs in December, without allowing his kids to finish what they had started.

  14. This is what starting Cam will get you at this point in his career. Rhule can’t fire himself for that decision but it falls squarely in his lap. The OC can only do so much with a QB that can’t throw anymore. Cam may sell tickets and get fans excited but he can’t produce like he used to, no matter how many times you tell the media that he’s diving into the play book. You traded for Sam Darnold. That right there should lead to firings in the front office. Giving Cam the contract he got should be the nail in the coffin.

  15. So the mediocre Oline, at the beginning of the season, had nothing to do with any of this?
    THEN the injuries started with the OLine. Nice, you found a scapegoat but maybe the G M and Coach should build an Oline. How many years have Panther fans been saying this..

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