Packers place Jordan Love on COVID-19 reserve list


Packers quarterback Jordan Love made his first NFL start earlier this season when Aaron Rodgers went on the COVID-19 reserve list and now Love will be spending some time on the list.

The Packers announced that Love has been placed on the list on Monday afternoon. Love has told reporters in Green Bay that he is vaccinated, which would mean he’s tested positive and will need two negative tests taken 24 hours apart in order to return in less than 10 days.

Practice squad quarterback Kurt Benkert, who also had a stint on the reserve list last month, is the only in-house candidate to back up Rodgers while Love is out this week. They signed Blake Bortles when Rodgers and Benkert were unavailable.

Whoever serves as the No. 2 this week could be in for a lot of practice reps with the first team because Rodgers has been missing practice time recently because of his toe injury. Head coach Matt LaFleur said Monday that the team will see how Rodgers is feeling off the bye week before making plans for practices.

8 responses to “Packers place Jordan Love on COVID-19 reserve list

  1. Rodgers should be very wary of opposing players who do not respect the self-serving, arrogant deceptions employed by him with regard to a very serious public health risk. If they get an opportunity to show Rodgers close-up and in-person exactly how much they don’t care for his attitude, they will. Jordan Love had better be ready. The season is long from over.

  2. Aaron Rodgers couldn’t have infected him by not being vaccinated, could he? If I were Jordan Love, I’d be looking for a little compensation from him

  3. As a long suffering Bears fan the Pack could add 10 more to their covid list and the Bears would still not have much of a chance. All week Packer fans will take nasty shots at Rogers and he will still beat us.

  4. Most useless Roster Spot on the team, wish JL all the best but could’ve drafted many other players that would be contributing right now. Only game the guy played he had the Deer in the Headlights look after preparing for over a year. Did zero other then in garbage time and that is with basically 2 All Pro Type Running backs. Best of luck to him but the guy needs to go to a different team and get off the bench, take some hits and make something happen. Not impressed thus far in the sample I have seen in the pre season or the 1 game he got into, not expecting anywhere near Rodgers but the guy barely had a pulse !

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