Ron Rivera: Yannick Ngakoue hit that hurt Logan Thomas was avoidable

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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Washington head coach Ron Rivera said on Monday that tests indicated tight end Logan Thomas did not tear his ACL during Sunday’s win over the Raiders and he also discussed his feelings about how Thomas got hurt.

Raiders defensive end Yannick Ngakoue dove at Thomas’ legs as Thomas came toward him while both players were well away from the action on a running play in the fourth quarter. Rivera said that he thought Ngakoue’s move was unnecessary.

“I thought the play was avoidable,” Rivera said, via John Keim of “It was unfortunate hit the hit occurred. . . . it was low . . . like to see him use his hands . . . I felt it was something that was avoidable.”

The NFL altered the rule on illegal blocks below the waist this offseason to make it a foul for offensive and defensive players to initiate contact below the waist, but only if the contact occurs beyond five yards on either side of the line of scrimmage and more than two yards outside of either offensive tackle.

4 responses to “Ron Rivera: Yannick Ngakoue hit that hurt Logan Thomas was avoidable

  1. It was a complete cheap shot. It is the type of hit that can end a career and has no place in football. The league should fine to the tilt.

  2. Ngakoue should miss the same number of games as Logan Thomas!

    It was a cheap / dirty shot at the knees of Thomas away from the play !!

  3. Yet nothing is said of the hit on Kenyan Drake that BROKE his ankle. Maybe that player can sit out the same amount of games Drake will be missing. Get a grip people.

  4. All the other teams hate my Raiders. It was a tackle that’s all, nothing but pure speculation

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